The saints who come into the world and go to the jungles, do they  starve of hunger?  No, they become healthy, they come out of the jungle healthy! Do you know why?  The moment you become nothing, you gain everything.  When you waste all your energy to gain something and you forget Him, in all that gain is all you lost.  “Maya Maya karat janam gawaia” … pursuing maya you wasted your life.
If you repeat “Ram Ram Ram Ram” but have gained nothing around you then people laugh at you saying, “Hey, look at him!  He’s been praying for years and gained nothing.”  Then one day you’ll say to God, “OK God, sort me out now.”   And ‘BOOM’ God gives you everything (fulfills your wordly desires after all that praying).  But what use is all that (wordly stuff)?  Everything has come from the soil and one day will go back into the soil.   Only Naam will go with you, nothing else will go with you.
Wearing gold, why are you not happy?   When a child is born, why is he not happy?  He wants to re-enter the womb he was born from.   Gold also cries when it comes out of the ground.  One day it will go back to the ground it came out of.  Thats why the density of the Earth has never changed.  It’s the same for ages.  You know why? Because God is Atal (Unbreakable).  (Baba Ji Laughs)