So we (all souls) that were God (the Supreme Soul), we are all spiritual beings that fell from grace, down on to Earth into matter (into a body).  God (our soul) is trying to find Himself.  He created his ownself.  He wants to know, “Who am I?”

Only the Bhagati path (path of loving devotional worship on Naam) can tell Him who He is.  He Himself does not know.  God says, “I don’t exist.  If you meditate, then I exist.  But, if you don’t meditate, then I don’t know who I am.” 

He created this Universe to self-realise. That’s why we have to sit in meditation, like He was in meditation, and go back home.  That’s why meditation is important and needed.  So as an overview : 
In the beginning God was in deep meditation (sunn smadhi).  He broke that first Smadhi.  There was creation.  We (spiritual beings – soul drops) are playing in this Creation, in this 8.4 million species life cycle.  We have come into the last life form, the HUMAN.

How are you going to go back?  With open eyes?  No, you must develop a Smadhi (deep meditation).  Only in Smadhi does the illusion break.  Then you know the reality (Truth of our existance).  Now instead of slandering everything around you now, you start appreciating.  By appreciating you sing the glorious praises of the Lord.  Then you keep on going up and you go back, thats all it is.

What are you doing in Smadhi? You are self realising in Smadhi.  All started from God’s Smadhi.  God asked, “Who am I?”

So how are you going to achieve this?  To go back home what do you have to do?  Say, “I am nothing.” What are you going to do?  You are going to burn the image of our own body.  Haumai (your ego) will die.  Purity will start coming, maya will disappear and “Tat gyan” (divine wisdom received through intuition) will come.
Start earning it (put that divine wisdom into practise) and you start becoming purer.  Lose the self, realise God.  They will call you “Sat Ram Das” (Servant of the God of Truth) and start calling you Akal Purakh (Immortal Being) who has come to ferry souls back home.

I  have freed Dassan Das .  He was my son from the past lives.  (And again in this life he was Baba Ji’s spiritual son, his disciple).  But, now I have given him the status, “You are my Father (God is manifested in Dassan Das ji), I am your son.”   Baba Ji has become the disciple, the disciple has become Baba Ji.  (When your soul-drop merges into God the Soul-Ocean, then you are the same as the Guru who was the ocean guiding you home. The Guru and the disciple become one and the same.)

God, You Yourself are the Guru,
and God, You Yourself are the chaylaa, the disciple;
 through the Guru, I meditate on You. ||19||
Those who serve You God, become You.
 You preserve the honor of Your servants. ||20||


I said to him, “Now you are free.  Only ParBraham (Supreme Lord) is your Gur-Guru (God-Guru) now.  My job is done.   When the Hukam (mission from God received through your intuition) will come, follow it.  What I knew I taught you.”

If you want to get appreciated in God’s court, you have to appreciate his Bhagat (lover, sant, satguru) first.  If you slander his Bhagat, there is no court for you. (the slanderer of God’s lover is not accepted into God’s court – the realm of Truth – Sach Khand).

H :  The bhagat is the doorway to God.
Baba Ji : Bhagat Fareed says, “Find the one who has crossed over, he will also carry you.”  There is no other way round.  God is not a book.  The book is trying to tell you what I am (what God and Guru are) and what your mind is (the barrier to God).

The beginner starts by bowing to the scriptures.  But when you go higher and higher spiritually, then the moment you close your eyes for meditation, you are bowing to Him.  When your Dassam Duar (tenth gate / crown chakra) opens, you are bowing to Him 24-hours a day – even if you want to or not! (Baba ji laughs).

The moment you slander a Bhagat, you are slandering God.  You are slandering all your births (you have done countless good actions to be reborn from bacteria up through the species and finally to become a human.  But slandering a Bhagat, you have wasted your chance to unite with God).  When you deny a bhagat (don’t accept him as a saint), you are denying God (in that saint).  When you deny a Bhagat you deny your right to faith.  The moment you say you’re bigger than the Guru you used to go to, you’re going down. you forgot the basics!

H : When people refer to God, they always point their finger up toward the "one upstairs". But really you have to be the dust of everyone’s feet.  That’s where you will find God – in humility, in everyone’s heart.  No point slandering anyone, let alone a Bhagat or the Guru that gave you Naam.