In humility everything blooms.  In humility religion expands without pushing it.  Not by counting heads, but counting virtuous deeds.    In pride religion dies, it becomes a noose round the neck of people.  Narrow-minded religious people have scared more people, they have scared more people about religion and their sickening pride attitude, they have scared their own kids, they are killer of happiness.  Even having and singing the best melodies, but their attitude kills the song, the singer and the listener. 

If pride is there in a person, without talking he kills the environment.   Leave poison in a vessel, take the lid off, you don’t have to taste it, but the fumes will kill you over a period of time.  Just by his breathing, the pride of a person pollutes the house.   He doesn’t have to say a thing for it to happen.   In a lot of houses, in relgious people’s houses, that is the attitude.  E.g.  “Our Grandad, he never talks, but without his consent, nothing happens in the house.  His order prevails”.    So what is this?  Its his pride.   (Baba ji laughs)

The family all live in fear of Grandad.  Where there is fear, there is no God (God is Fearless).  And that house is not an Enlightened soul’s house either.  It is a hell hole.  Understand?
In a true Enlightened Soul’s house, joy should be the food.
“Sat chit anand hai ghar hamaray” … The Joy of Eternal Truth is in my (mind and body) house.
“Sat chit anand hai parivaar hamara.” … The Joy  of Eternal Truth is my family.
Even pigs should laugh there!! Got it? 

(Guru Ram Das Ji says : ) “Jithay jaai behay mera satguru so thaan suhava raam rajay”….Wherever my SatGuru goes and sits becomes a beautiful and pure place.
But is that joy and peace here? (Is there peace in your house where the scriptures occupy a room?  In your Temple where the scriptures are revered?  In your house and in your religious group and community?  If you are  drenched in "amrit" (cosmic energy) then is there joy and peace inside you, creating joy and peace for all those around you?) Its not there.

Religious towns cry my friend, that’s why they need too many Temples.  Its crying, and then we open a Temple, and that area dies and its crying.  Where there are more prayers for worldy wants that Temple is crying.  Even their Guru is crying, that’s why they end up fighting.