The more innocent you are, the faster you will go (to God).  We had a 8 year old boy, he used to say. "Baba ji, I see (in my visions) you carrying so much load on your back.  And your back is bleeding"  I replied, “All the sangat rides on my back, I’m carrying all of them. I drink the pain of the sangat.”  

He was only 8 years old.   He would get up in the mornings at 4am and go to the Temple with his father, the boy would say "Wherever I look, I see Baba Ji.”  His father knew nothing about Bani or anything, his father also started seeing this.  

H : I always have faith in children and youth, because the majority of them, like me, don’t know anything.  We are just looking for something, but unfortunately we meet the wrong people, for whatever reason, and have to go through a harder path.

Baba Ji : The child is God-like.  If he is taught well then he is the saint of tommorow, and the saint is greater than God says the scriptures.  But you ask the saint, "Are you greater than God?" and he’ll just say, "No, God is greater than me."  That’s all.  But each cant live without the other!   They tell each other, "You are great.” And reply to that, “No, you are great!"  But when both are quiet they are the same.

Saints should be innocent, that is what a saint is.  He should be reachable.  He should be attainable. And he should be entertainable.  He should teach the hard-core (religious) hot heads, how to become soft and supple.  If the saint becomes hard-core, all is hell then! Where does the sangat go (to find peace and love and God)?

So I delivered the soft-core sant, innocence, simplicity, truthfulness.  A saint should say, “You want Naam, here you go.  If you want Naam, take it, I cant say No.”    And if a Saint can say no, then he’s not a Saint.  Because God does not say no either, what you ask for, He gives.   So why would his Saint say no? 

I say, “Have Naam – have it”.  I only worry about the moment, I say,  “You are here, here take Naam.  You want divine wisdom? Here you go.  Whatever you want, have it.”   Give somebody happiness of the moment, make somebody laugh for a second, be compassionate to somebody for a moment.  In a moment you can conquer eternity.

By teaching somebody to be happy for the moment, you can teach them to be happy forever.  The moment is the seed!
I say, “Have it, have it, have Naam. Why you crying?”  I have seen the world cry.  I have cried myself, and I have seen God cry, alone and in me.  All these talks and all my laughs is all God.  These are attributes of Him divided into trikuti (three parts of the mind are united at the trikuti – third eye. Having one focus on Naam unites the three minds into one mind (ek man ik chit) and going back though the third eye you unite with the One God).  He is divided into Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, its all Him.
So complain not about pain and don’t be too happy in pleasure.  Be satisfied in Truth.  Not in attitude.  And then the attitude is good in truth.  Truth first.  Some people are satisfied in the attitude, but inside they are still jack-asses.  And that comes out in the end, sooner or later.