Meet the Guru that He gives you.  And he will declare it, “I know you from the past.”  That one is your Guru.  You (H) have come to me, because of give and takes from the past.  Once you have met your Guru, then he will join you (to God).  He will give you his heart.  Will bless your heart.  And he will ignite the love for God in you.  One light will light another.  Then he will explain the Bani, or the Quran of his path to you.  He will cut short the path and tell you that shortcut and you will reap the rewards.

Then what are you going to do?   You will sit in meditation.  And what are you trying to listen to?  You are trying to listen to the God sitting in Dargah (God’s court that he placed inside you inside this Creation).  You are trying to listen to that command that comes (from God’s court) to you as intuitive power.  And then do what this intuitive power sense tells you to do.   This is “Dargah Parvaan” (then you are accepted into God’s court).



And you’re going back home.