H : The Naam, “SatNaam” given by you Baba Ji is not a fraud.  When we actually sit and practice it we realise that it’s got its own powers.  It pulls us closer and closer to God inside and everything around us becomes better.

Baba Ji : You can preach to anyone, its upto them to believe or not. 

GS : I used to pray a lot for years, asking God for Naam.  I did not know much about religion, but as a child I had been told you get Naam from a Sant.  So that’s what I prayed for, for Naam from a Sant.  I then had Baba Ji’s darshan in a dream.  But I didn’t know who or where Baba Ji was.  Overtime, I forgot about those dreams.  One day I gave a friend a lift to Baba Ji’s sangat.  When I went in and I recognised Baba ji as the one God showed me in my dreams.