Religion is only here in the physical world, not in God’s court.  Religion is here only to teach the world.  The moment you become truthful, religion shatters.  Its an illusion.  It is only to teach you what Truth is.  The moment you become truthful,  you become the Temple.  After that all religious places look fake. They are fake.  (Baba ji laughs).

H : Even the verse of Guru Arjun Dev Ji that is written underneath some pictures of Golden Temple saying "Dithay sabhay thav nahee tudh jeha" … meaning  "I seen all places, but nothing compares to you", is actually referring to God inside yourself.

Baba ji : Yes, this means Jyot (realising God’s light inside yourself).  Meaning salutation to Jyot, Infinity, Non-calculable – ATAL (Unbreakable Lord).  This is what its for.  This does not mean the Temple.  That is somebody’s trickery to fool people’s innocence so they keep on coming there and dropping coins.