Bow down to everyone’s feet, God resides in everybody. One must bow down to the Saints. God is the Saint and the Saint is God.  God is also inside you, but you cannot see that as you are blinded and covered by Maya.  The Saint has won over Maya. Won over his mind

SM had fallen sick (before she met Baba Ji at the temple. The Doctors had given up on curing her and had confined her to permanent bed-rest. She couldn’t even lift a pen.)  Her mother would pray infront of the scriptures for 8 hours a day for her to recover.

Did God manifest there (inside the scriptures to answer her prayer)? No. Did God manifest in the person praying  (to answer her prayer)? No.   Destiny eventually took them to me (God inside His sant).  After they went to me, then (over next few years of doing what Baba Ji told them) God manifested in them (the whole family all became enlightened souls.  The first one of whom was SM.  And now they truly understand with their heart what the scriptures are saying.  On hearing the verses being sung or read, they merge into the Light that has manifested within their heart.)

You’ve not understood the scriptures and how it plays and what its trying to tell you.   God has not manifested in the scriptures. To reach you, God needs a body.  So God will take you to the nearest Saint to solve your problems.