Like attracts like, pure will only come to pure.  When Baba Nand Singh (great saint from 100 years ago) became as pure as Guru Nanak, then Guru Nanak showed himself to him (in deep meditation).  The visions of the saints you get is proof to you that you are walking in the right sangat.

You are in the sangat of the true one’s, thats why people have visions of past saints of all religions in my sangat. And while having their darshan, you will see that their image turns into the image of your current saint.  Proof to you to say that on the other side and on this side is the same Naam.

[Ed Note : recently I was meditating with a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and a Sikh.   We sat quitely and meditated in our own way.  I felt Satnaam’s power all around.  The Hindu guy said he had darshan of his Guru, Krishna.  Then he saw Krishnas all around him.  Then he saw Krishna ji transforming into Jesus, who tranformed into Mohammed.  He was amazed.  I explained to him what Baba Ji said above, that SatNaam was showing him that all His saints are precious to Him and are no different to Him.  He admitted in the past he was hardcore Hindu and found it very hard to accept any other saint or guru could be right.  Many Sikhs also are stuck in that egotistical thinking that there Guru is the greatest and an better than other saints and prophets.  God sends His saints in each and every age ..har jug jug bhagat upaaiya. And for them it is not competition of relgions, its just re-telling the Truth for their own time and place.]