Everywhere, every Temple, every Church, every Mosque on this Earth is a centre for thugs to rob the innocent.  You go and talk to the Christians, they’ll say, “Our directors steal the money too.”
Go to Muslims, “Oh Qazis  – same problem.”
Understand all this is made from God.  Wherever there are religious places only thugs come there.  And the thugs in Sikhism have been there since the time of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji (when the Sikh thugs wouldn’t let him enter into the Golden Temple). That’s why the Tenth Guru never went there (Golden Temple). 
However, still remember that whatever He does, is good.  Micro-organism to a man.  Whatever He does is good.  Even if He gives you so much pain yet you are still breathing, even then be forever thankful that you are still alive, that He is feeding you.  That you still have time to repent and do truth.
H : I saw this programme on TV about apes that a lady studied in South America for 20-30 years.   Analysing the DNA, they said that they are 99% the same as human beings.

Baba Ji : Of course.  We were the same species, but we excelled in evolution and became humans.
H : She said that when you look at their actions, as she was more into behaviour, we were the same too.
Baba Ji : We are humans from outside, but chimpanzees inside.  Unless you go the inner core of the brain, you cannot get rid of the habit of stealing and running, the animal instinct.  Even the singing priests do that at the Temple.  They steal money from one congregation and run to the next sangat.
H : I saw that once when I used to service of some singing priests.  I used to drive them around from programme to programme.  They’d be happy if there was a lot of sangat and complaining if only a few came.  I thought to myself, “Just sing praises for God, why are you complaining?”   On another occasion, we went to the market and their were cheap items there for 50p,  £1 and then I saw the drummer priest quickly grab it and stuff it into his pocket when he thought no one was looking. 
Baba Ji : They steal from each other too! I have seen it in Temples.  They fight over one dollar – how do you divide it into three pieces (for the three musicians)?   They don’t even say, “Here you have it – its only a dollar”.  They don’t even have this much patience and trust.   And the same trust is missing in homes.  A father does not trust his own child.  After raising him for 25 years, he’s scared to give him the keys to his volt.  The father will say,  “Oh, how do I know my son will feed me when I get old?”
They lost their faith in God, and kept it in the child instead.
In this world of hopes become hope free.  (Means give up your hopes of your son looking after you when you get old, only have trust that God is looking after you.)