In simplicity there is LOVE, in pride there is no love.  Wear love on your heart, love should be your honour (not pride of religion or family honour or symbols).  Not pride and false religious uniform and accusing the innocent by putting them in doubts, like “you haven’t taken our initiation, so your not going to achieve salvation.”
(Baba Ji to those proud people : ) “Even though you’ve taken your religious initiation, you haven’t killed your ego nor conquered the five thieves, so how are you going to achieve salvation?  And your Guru tells you, ‘You’re not mine until then.’”
H :   Baba Ji, I called you a few months ago in January about my friend SP.  He wanted Naam.  You said for him to go to NJ Ji and have it.  But we never had chance to do that because he lives far from us.  He’s only 24, but he’s been doing a lot of mool mantra simran and he’s very innocent.  A lot of God’s blessings went on him when he received Naam over the e-mail from Dassan Das Ji.  Dassan Das Ji told him what to do, and the next day when I read SP’s reply, he said “I did what Dassan Das Ji told me, and head to toe of my body was over-flowing with amrit (cosmic energy).”  Since then he’s been flying even higher.     He told me that he has a few narrow-minded religious people friends who had told him many times : “you cant get salvation if you haven’t taken our initiation.”  That put a lot of doubt in his mind. 

Baba Ji: He should ask them, “Have you controlled the five thieves within your mind?” No? Then tell them, “Even you’re not going to achieve salvation.”   Salvation has to come, if you die while you’re alive.  Listen to the scriptures, its not after death, it is before death.  Then you have a living death – jiwan mukt (liberated whilst alive).    Don’t fool yourselves and don’t put fear in others.  By putting fear in others, you are sowing fear for yourself. 
H : It’s their own fear isn’t it?  Because if they have to admit that they are wrong, then their life crumbles and shatters. 
Baba Ji : Well, you have to tell them.  You’re a merchant of truth.  You are tasting truth.  You have to tell them.  Because they are on the wrong path.  I told them for their benefit, not for mine.  What benefit am I going to get from you? Money? I had plenty of it, I never had shortage of it.  What for a woman? I never had desire for that either, I am very happily married.
Everything is under God’s Command, nothing is outside His command.
H : The command will come, who ever obeys it, oberys it, who ever doesn’t, doesn’t.
Baba Ji : Your life, what ever is happening around you is all God’s command. 
According to your mind, you know where you stand.   What have you sold your mind you.   You are born from Truth, must become Truthful, then your Guru has to be Truth, because God created Truth and named Himself “Sat (Truth).”  You should meditate on Truth, thus your actions will be truthful.  If you meditate on Maya (mammon), and your prayers are on Maya (world attachments) your actions will be Maya too.
By telling others “You’re not going to get salvation,” they are sowing no salvation for themselves.  How dare you tell others, you are not going to get salvation either.  You have not controlled the five thieves yourself.  What gives you the right to tell others?
If you would know the game of sowing and reaping, you would know that you yourself are at mistake.  By down playing others, are you playing high for yourself? 
Being higher here makes you the lowest in God’s court (Guru Arjun Dev Ji says that by becoming the lowest here you become the highest in God’s court .. “eeha ka neech, dargah ka ooch”.)  They should be saying, “I’ve taken relgious initiation but I haven’t achieved salvation.  Come here sit with me and lets read the scriptures together (help each other).”
That’s what they should be saying.

H : That’s what they should be saying, “I’ve taken relgious initiation, its been 10-15 years since then, but I still haven’t achieved salvation.”
Baba Ji : Tell me who’s the fool?  The one who knows nothing about the religion and is living a simple life, is he a fool or is he innocent?  Bani says that he is innocent.   So who’s the fool?  The one has taken initiation ad cannot control his five thieves yet he’s telling others that you’re not going to achieve salvation.  He’s the bigger fool.  Listen to the scriptures, he is a Great Fool.  
The scriptures call a religious person who has not conquered the five thieves a Great Fool.  Not the others who are not practicing the religion.  They are not fools, they are innocent, its not their destiny to do so.  If you (religious person) had the chance to practise religion then you should have more humility in you. 
Instead of humility, you are lecturing others!  What do the scriptures say about that :  

"the one who attained salvation, saves others too."

But the one who hasn’t achieved salvation but preaches to others, that one is a Great Fool.
So now you tell me how many Enlightened Souls there are in the religious world?  (Baba ji laughs).