H :  I would look around and see people, so much pain, corruption and everything else that happens in today’s world.   I would do this prayer saying, “Guru Nanak Ji, the world needs you.  Take this body  the world needs you, not me.”  
Baba Ji : But Nanak says, “I need you.”   Nanak doesn’t want your body, he wants your heart, he says I need you.  If you (ego) die while you’re alive, God will come inside you, Guru will come inside you.  If you don’t die while you’re alive, even Nanak will not come.  Nanak says that this body is not mine. Are you going to give Nanak’s dues (relive Nanak’s karma?)    Then doing prayers like that, you are under illusion.  Nanak says you’re going to repay your own debts to God.  So why don’t we get the prayer right first.
Nanak says don’t glorify me, glorify NOW (i.e. don’t live in the past, remember God is here right now.)  When you glorify now (God at this moment), Nanak’s glory is automatic.  Why are you separating Nanak from Immortal God?  By praising Nanak alone, you are making him into a “devta” (demi-god) and you’re thinking that Immortal God is less.
Everything is accountable to Immortal God.  Nanak didn’t say you are accountable to me  “koi nao na janai mera …may no one know my name”.   So the prayer is wrong.    This is the reason why after doing so many prayers there are no results.  The divine wisdom has not come into you yet, and you have not become a saint. 
Give them respect – give the past Gurus respect.  Never forget the Bhagats (God’s lovers) of the scriptures either.  Even Bhagat Ramanand ji created 5 more Bhagats like himself.  Just as Guru Gobind Singh ji created 5 Khalsas like himself.  Congratulate hell, heaven and Sach Khand (God’s Realm of Truth) and the other 4 lower realms as well.  Why? Because all is God.
If there was no hell, was no pain, who would meditate on Naam?   Prayers are to Immortal God.  If you earn the Naam, it is automatic thanks to the four Ages, to all the Bhagats, to all the Nanaks, and all the limbs and fingers (i.e. all beings) of God, because all will bow to you.
In our sangat, they say, “When I have darshan (inner vision) of a past saint, the saint also bows to me.”    Of course they do.  They are telling you that you are on the right path, so keep on going.  We said that you should also bow to them.  They are telling you to be humble, for God is forever humble and humble and humble.
You see angels, they bow to you, they are telling you “Hey, if I am bowing to you, what are you supposed to do? Bow to me.”   Everyone says, “Baba ji makes you bow”.  No, Baba ji doesn’t, Naam does.  Naam makes you bow.  Why don’t they say that before sitting on his seat, Baba ji bows to the sangat, bowing to “Sarab Viapakh” (All Pervading God in every heart)?