The scriptures are  great, truly great, but nobody is understanding them.  They are all following their own worldy mind, they are not listening.   The scriptures are slandering its own people first.   They are taunting the reader, “you are looking good outside, but are empty inside.”
H: Even I used to do it and I’m sure other people do it too.   I read a verse and where it talks about (self-centred person I’d think “that’s about others” and where it talked about enlightened souls I thought  “that’s about me!” Its so twisted!
Baba Ji :They are twisted heads.  He who says, “I am better than the others,” is a twisted head.  They have forgotten that Nanak says I am neech (low). He’s a straight head.  (laughing)
H: I said to my Dad once, that the line “Nanak neech kahai vichar” is Guru Nanak Ji saying  “I am neech, I am low and am delivering the Truth.”  But Dad got offended by that meaning and said,  “No, it means that Nanak is telling the Truth about about the low people”.
Baba Ji : NO! They have twisted it , they don’t know the meaning.
H: its like they don’t even want to think that Guru Nanak Ji was so humble and that he used to keep himself so low.  They don’t like that.

Baba Ji : They  (narrow-minded religious people) have been breeding that pride for the last 50 years.  It has reached the stage of killing saints and stealing from other people’s homes their bought and payed for scriptures?  What God is glorified in stealing.

H : Even at Guru Tegh Bahadur ji’s time, the Sikhs stole "Ad Granth" (Primal Scriptures) from the Guru’s nephew.  They presented to the Guru and thought he would be pleased with them.  The Guru told them to return the stolen goods.
Baba Ji : If he had kept it, the Guru would’ve become a thief.   The religious person that gives salutation to their Guru, then goes to another’s house and steals the scriptures which were paid for by them.   The religious people who steal something from others in the name of religion are the thieves of all 14 realms.  And they just made their Guru part of their brotherhood of thieves.
A father steals, the son is blamed; the son steals, the father is blamed.  If you are in the company of the Guru, the Guru takes the burden.  That’s why the religions that do that, they shrink and die out.  Some religions might be growing in numbers, but they are shrinking in selfless service.  They are shrinking in generosity to others.  Even, some of their followers are stealing money from their relgious charities.  The newspapers have the stories. 

However, life will carry on.  What ever His Command is, just make sure you save yourself, then save the ones around you.