H : My dad saw you in his dreams.  We hadn’t told him that we were going to visit you. We booked the tickets in January, and thought we’d tell our parents when we have to, like a week before departure.  Because once we tell them, then we knew they would try and stop us going.  Before we told them, Dad had a dream of you.  He didn’t see your face, he saw you in white and he worked it out that it was you.   He put two and two together and said "You’re going to see that Baba aren’t you?  He came into my dream.”

Baba Ji: That dream is to tell him that they are going to the right path.  All the Babas (saints) are servants of the Immortal Being, otherwise they wouldn’t be Babas.    And the scriptures say their identity is that they only talk, think, eat and sleep Naam.  So what is the Naam?  “Ik Onkar Satnaam….One God whose Name is “Truth” (Sat).”  Just tell them : do you notice are we getting bad or good?  That’s it.

H : I even said that to my wife when she doubts my path, that before I used to get angry quick, but how am I now? Am I not better?  Even my Dad, before he became initiated, he went to see the Radhasoami Guru.  He had some relatives that kept saying "You need a Guru. We have a Guru who gives Naam.  Come and get Naam from him.” This was in the mid-1970’s.  Dad went to see him.  Even though Dad had a hair-cut at that time, he used to read the scriptures at the Temple.  The verses that struck him where the ones that said “give your mind body and wealth to the Guru.”  And “Find the saints.”  So Dad was looking for a Guru.  Then the Radhasoami relatvies used to say that we know a Guru who can give Naam.  Dad got to the point where he went to get the Naam, but he was still in doubts (double minded) saying, “is this right or wrong?”   Then Dad did a prayer saying "if this is right then let it happen".  Dad had a dream meeting the Radhasoami Guru, but Dad kept questioning him and doubting, the Guru smiled at him in the dream and was kind and escorted him away.    And in reality when Dad did go to meet the Guru, he asked Dad how long it had been since he’d given up drinking and eating meat?  Dad said about six months.  The Guru told him to come back after a few more months of abstinance and to make sure this was what he really wanted.   Dad was happy that he’d been turned away.  (He didn’t realise the Guru probably knew he was full of doubts and would have rebelled from Naam and the Guru.)

Baba Ji : He did not know how to solve the dream.  He should have gone there and never looked back.  If your Guru is destined to be a Muslim, are you not going to go there?  That Guru will not divert you away from God, but make you purer in your path.   When you look at what destiny has given you and can thank God for that, then how come you don’t thank God when you get a Satguru?  How come you don’t congratulate someone else who gets a Satguru? Because that is how it works.

H : That was his chance at that time.  He was upset at that time, my mum had become severely depressed and Dad was struggling with three young kids.   He always had pride in his own family, and asked his mum to come over from India to help, but she wouldn’t.  That disappointed him even further.  He was doing serious prayers at that time, and God came to him in a form of an enlightened saint.  

Baba Ji : God is “Ik drisht” (sees everyone equally, doesn’t think one religion is better or worse than another).  If you are doing prayers infront of the scriptures at a Temple, but you get a vision of a Saint, its because God is “Ik Drisht”.  He is only going to give you the nearest saint.  And if your Guru is sitting in Calcutta, you will hear about it in your conscious, “Go there.”  Destiny will take you there, like you are here. 

Baba Ji : All the driving you’re supposed to do is part of destiny.  Wherever we go to drink coffee, water or whom we shake hands with allowing atoms from your hands to leave and go to his, his influence will affect you, your influence will affect him, its all part of destiny.  We learn from meeting and separating (people down to particles). 

So if you are supposed to get blessings from a Saint but you deny that, then you are denying your own “bhaag” (great good fortune written by God).  In other words you are slapping God and his divine knowledge, his blessings and his grace.

H : I have never had this in depth knowledge. No-one to teach me that’s how it worked.  Most people are doing the wrong preaching at temples and religious camps.  They are anti-Saints and that lead me to confusion.

Baba Ji : What Nanak got direct from God, Bhai Lehna got through Nanak and met God.  Nanak went away, Lehna became Angad, direct to God.  Both had the same Naam.  (Naam connects each saint to God).

So if I’m preaching Naam, why would this be fraud (Baba Ji is also connected to God via Naam, and connects others to God via Naam)?  How will I do fraud?  I don’t know how to read panjabi.   I was a idiot dancing in the temple for 7 years in front of you.  And for me, I loved and served the whole congregation as my Satguru.  But they were laughing at me.  Then they slandered me, and ridiculed the ones who came to me and had visions of saints and God.  If those ones saw the visions of the saints and everything else, then it is God’s graciousness and kindness to them as per their destiny. 

By slandering a saint, you are slandering God (inside them).  And you are sowing the rewards of slandering for yourself.  You will reap what you sow.  You slander an ordinary person, then you will be slandered too.  But if you slander a saint, then you have closed the door to God for yourself and your future generations.

Actually you are crucifying your own generation and yourself.  By slandering others you crucify yourself.  Slandering is not doing the glory of God but making yourself an enemy of God. 

H :  How does "what you sow is what you reap” work in the following situation. The second World War  ended when they dropped the Atom bomb on Hiroshima.  Whose bad deed is that? Is it the pilot who dropped the bomb that killed those 1 million people?

Baba ji: Not just him, he did the final job. But its also all those who were behind it  – the maker of the bomb, the sender of the bomb and the Government, that is blamed.  Its still a divine law though.  All those involved were supposed to do that, and all those who were killed were supposed to die.

One man Saddam Hussein killed how many millions?  Now look at what is happening to him (USA troops overthrew him.)  "what you sow is what you reap”.    For every positive action there is an equal and opposite reaction.   Thats what happened to me.   I spoke so much truth and the opposite action came around ripping the house apart.    They (the religious attackers) had no choice. They’d be nothing left for them (all people would have started following the path of Naam that Baba ji was telling the Truth of, and everyone would have left the religion behind). 

Because the more you get into Atam Ras (soul bliss / merged with Truth), the finer the divine wisdom.   And the finer the wisdom the more you rip the past religions apart.  Every past saint fought his own religion.  Because that’s the religion you are supposed to modify, and refine, thats what I did.   It was not planned by me, it was written by destiny, under the Order of God’s Court.

The saint dances.  Everyone is attached to God’s puppet strings.  He Himself does everything.  And He comes in a saint, for He is “ras rasia” ..the joy and the enjoyer, Himself.   Do nothing driven by your worldy self-centred mind.  Do with your heart (intuition is God’s command to you) and your self-centred mind starts becoming weak.    You might even reach a state "I dont feel like doing anything"  (you feel like God is doing everything and have no desire to do anything to do with the world at all).   The moment you say that, the very next moment He’ll make you stand and do something.  That’s why God never sleeps, He loves his Creation so much.

H : You know in the scriptures it says that God is indescribable, has no form, has no colour, has no marks, yet sometimes it says, He has long hair, nice teeth and is so beautiful.  Is that making him into human form?

Baba Ji : That is the beauty (of God manifested in) the saint.  So the saint is defining (God in) himself.  Sometimes the Jyot (divine light) takes a figure form.  God is going to become the way you want to see Him.  If you give your body to the Guru and your ego dies, then who does your form belong to? 

He has countless forms, but has no form.

If you have a Gur-gadee (Gurus-throne, i.e. God has established your soul as being the same as Him and honoured you with the spiritual throne of being a saint in the world), then you become a Baba.  Akal Purakh will take your shape and form and visit your followers, and you will say "O my saint came to visit me". 

Its actually my third body, which is Akal Purakh.  (First body is the physcial human body, second body is the astral body, third body is when God takes the shape of your saint).

If you would understand that God and Guru are one and the same, then your father wouldn’t say, “I saw Baba ji.”   He would say, “I saw Baba ji and Akal Purakh as one.”   That’s how they are supposed to think.  God’s Word and God’s Saint and every heart as one.

H : I was saying to NJ ji that my Dad was so lucky that he saw you in his dream.

Baba Ji : At least he saw me.  He is lucky that with the grace of Akal Purakh, as you are walking towards Him, your words are your Dad’s mind and he’s started to have visions.    In other words, your bhagati (loving devotion to God) is taking affect on him, and he’s mellowing down.  So don’t look back now.  Now that has started to happen the effect of your bhagati will start to spread to the rest of the family.  That’s why in bani it says that when you remember God’s name truly from the heart, He can change the entire roots of the family.  So keep on going, don’t look back.                   

Before you were one on this path.  Now your sister is there (had naam too).  Your father is being affected now.  The moment he changes your mother will follow, and everybody will be free.