Discipline and Amritvela (meditating between midnight and 6 am) is to conquer your bad thoughts.  So how do your conquer your bad thoughts?  When you go to sleep, do ardas to the True Master (God-Guru) to wake you up at such and such time.  Just ask for "bhagati" (loving devotional worship), nothing else.  Only that prayer is good which asks for bhagati, for the meeting with God, for the praise of the Lord.  In doing this prayer, the five thieves will distract you, because they don’t want you do it.   They are addicted to rob you of that peace.  You own ego does not want you to reach, beyond ego.  Own ego does not want to know the real Truth and it stops you.

So what happens in Amritvela?   Your body is calm because you had a good dinner the night before.  Your mind is at rest.  You are going into REM (deep dream) sleep.  Soul leaves the body, comes back and by then, your body is rejuvenated.  And that’s why you feel great after REM sleep.            

After first REM sleep, you feel fantastic.   In smadhi (deep merger meditataion) you are going to the same place as when you are in REM sleep, but in smadhi you go there alert, awake, in control.  That’s called lucid dreaming.  You enter the lucid state.  This is ManSarovar – God in the form of the Mind-Ocean.  This is where every thought comes from.  Where every image comes from.

If you’re thinking I want something, and your mind knows you want something, then your mind (dreams/visions) start to show you something.  Got it?  In ManSarovar (Mind-ocean – Cosmic Consciousness – Universal Mind of God) everything multiplies.  Image, sound, everything multiplies.  Thought changes there.  And whatever thought changes there, will happen in action.  (eg horror writer goes to sleep thinking of fear,   body goes into deep dream sleep, the soul has gone to Mansarovar.  It has taken one thought of fear.  That one thought multiplies into many scary images and sounds.  Horror writer wakes up in a cold sweat, writes it down, makes a film.   People go to watch the film to get scared.  They go to sleep with fear on their mind,  they get more fear back from Mansarovar.   Net result : you send one thought of fear into the Universal Mind of God, and that sends back muliple fearful thoughts and you pass them onto others who think like you …..you get whatever you ask for ..jo mangay takur soi soi devay says Guru Arjun Dev Ji.)

So you’re trying to change your thought.  (Instead of sending thoughts of fear into the Universal Mind, send only thoughts of SatNaam – and will get back God himself.)  You’re trying to stay awake in the dream so you can make decisions.  (Raise your consciousness, so even in the dream you are in control and do not sow bad thoughts, and hence not receive muliple bad thoughts back).  
If you win over Maya in the dream (and in smadhi), then when you open your eyes, Maya will not bother you either. You got it? (You have to be alert in your dreams at night,  but also this whole life of ours is a dream of Maya, so we have to wake up from that too.) 

If you change the place from where the thoughts (purnas) come to you.  All day those thoughts won’t bother you.  This is in depth thinking. 

Those people who think before they talk, they don’t do mistakes.  A self-centred person’s habit of always saying  “me, me, me”, becomes so bad that even before the question has finished being asked (‘Would you like some foooo………?’), he’ll grab and say  “yes, I’ll take the food!” – “give it to ME FIRST”.  That is greed and everything attached to it.  Putting yourself first is manmukh – self-centred.  He never thinks, some people don’t think.  As soon as he hears from his ears, he’ll say, “yes, me first”.

A Gurmukh (enlightened soul) – he thinks.  He’ll think before he walks.  Even having eyes, the manmukh (self-centred person) is blind.  Gurmukh is like a blind person, even with having eyes, he’ll think like a blind person.  Bani says that learn from a blind person on how to walk.  Even with open eyes, he’ll trip over and fall.  Ever seen a blind person walk?  He thinks, feels and then takes a step.  A person who thinks, feels, and then talks, can not do any mistakes to anybody.  Half our processes are on thinking.

Fast thinking is self-centred thinking, temperment thinking.  And this is all sowing hatred.  And this is what we have to get out of.  And the best time to get out of it is Amritvela.  At that time your body is at peace, everything is rejuvenated, you are satisfied, there is no need for hunger.  Body is satisfied, because it is full of energy and food, mind is satisfied, because the soul went out, came back, and you’re not thinking about anything now.