The scriptures, once printed, are kept in the storehouse.  No priest, political leader, or relgious leader goes to that storehouse to bow.  But when you buy that book, buy it and bring it in your house, then you start bowing to it.  What nonsense is that?  

It is a hypocritical nonsence.  A fake belief.    Children who are the image of God, role play with pots, pans and dolls.  Like them, the educated religious people play the same game – a make belief doll house.

H : Then they build a belief system around it using traditions and stories.  When other people don’t believe it they get angry and upset.    Religious people always justify their belief in their scriptures  saying they are the Word of God.  But the scriptures say God is in the saint.  But they cant accept that another saint can come after their own past saint.  

Baba Ji : That’s why I said  "One Immortal Being making new brides EVERYDAY."  That’s what we all have to become.    Realise the Light within yourself, and then enlighten others.   And that was the best salutation – it is absolute Truth.