H : What’s the difference between ‘brain and mind’?
Baba Ji: The brain’s job is to take energy and make an image.  The mind is your desire.  But your mind is feeding off Mansarovar (thoughts are dropping into your mind from God the Universal Mind). Soul leaves the body to go to spiritual world, mansarovar, where anything can happen.  A dog will have a body of a snake, a horse with a body of a man.  That’s where thoughts and images multiply all the time.  That’s how new thoughts in science keeps on progressing.  Evolution keeps on progressing. All thoughts multiply.
Mansarovar is “nirbau, nirvair” –(Qualities of God : fearless, without hate)  state.  “jo mangai takur apne, soi soi davai”.  What ever you give to the universe you’ll get back.  So if you hate somebody, you are sending out signals, “I hate him”.  So what you going to get back. – hate.  So don’t hate anybody.
H: So how does mansarovar link to God then?
Mansarovar is Him.  His body of pure light.  The Dark Matter in the universe that gives birth to everything.  (Baba jee laughs … scientists know Dark Matter exists but don’t know what it is or how to detect it).  Got it?  (Whatever happens around us originates from God in Mansarovar.  Creation and Destruction take place around us, but the thought to do it came from God in Mansarovar.)


He can create anything anywhere, spontaneous, when He’s calm.  When God gets angry He can break a star, disseminating it.  And also the Earth and Suns are created, sustained and destroyed.  It’s a continues process going on, never stops.  And same law applies in your body.  Its being created and disseminated all the time.  (old cells flaking off, new cells being created at every moment). 


( Ed Note : Baba Ji said that you start getting tired and sleepy because your soul is slowly leaving the body, it needs to re-charge in Mansarovar.  When it has mostly left, a slight thread of soul energy remains attached to your physical body to keep it alive.  It is attached either at your navel centre or your tenth door (crown centre).  That’s why you have REM (deep) sleep first.  This is when the “ek boond amrit – (one drop of  Immortal God)" rejuvinates your soul.  But you’re so occupied in Maya, you don’t know how to awake in your sleep (and conquor the deeper realms of your mind – conquor the spirit world.  This is same place you go in deep meditation and you are supposed to conquor your subconscious mind – pull out the roots of the 5 thieves, jealousy, hate and slander).
Some who do awake in the dream (while still in sleeping state), they get scared, because they see hell and everything in there, they don’t want to go there.   It’s the spirit world.  It all attached to this world, its parallel.
H: my mum and dad since a young age, specially mum always was connected to the Mansarovar.  She would have dreams, visions, mainly to do with family, something happening to the family.  Even before we came here, mum was worried so much like what would happen here and they would spend all their time trying to interpret these dreams, like what does it mean, this and that.  Then it goes onto a superstitious level.
Baba Ji : No that’s wrong.  Their own imagination will defeat them and trap them.  “eh macheli, jal nazar nei aya”… oh you fish, you didn’t see the net coming.  Got it?   They don’t know that the negative side of the brain has a habit of taking one negative thought and turn it into positive to confuse you.  And the positive side of the brain, takes the Truth that happened in your life and show you as false.
It might even show you me as a drunkard and I’m drinking in a bar and when you wake up and you believe that, you fall off the path, off the path from me now.  It has defeated you.  And when you see that in your dreams, ‘Baba ji is drinking,’ say to your mind,  ‘no he doesn’t drink.’.  Tell your mind “oh my mind, don’t you fool me, what you showed my last night is not reality”.
This is what you have to win.  And how do you win it? In this life become desire less.  Then you are searching for nothing in the dream.  If its nothing here (in your dream) and its only Satnaam (only the Lord name in your mind) then it’s a parallel universe.  Got it?  If its hell here, then its hell there. (in your mind). Understand?
“panj dhoot vas kithe, kal kant maariay”…controlling the five thieves, death was destroyed.  Guru Amar Das Ji.
The moment you grab panj dhoot (conquer the five thieves from within your mind), the Kal kant koor (Death, destruction  and falsehood) does not take affect on you.   Got it?   The moment you start winning over your thieves,  "kal" will not attack you.
You understand what I’m saying?
H : Kal means death, time?
Baba Ji : The death of ego.  If you kill the ego, you realise the original death.   The moment you see, ‘my soul leaves the body, I travel then I come back’ then you know the soul never dies.  Only then does the fear of death truly disappear.    Unill then, it doesn’t.
The dream that your (H’s) mother has (about seeing bad future for family in her dream, and then worrying and trying to change it) is overuling her thought, in Moh Maya.  You understand?  She’s defeated by her dreams, she has to conquer the dreams, she has to analyse and conquer them.  And leave everything to Akal Purakh.


H: that’s when they start to say negative things, start giving us negative signs.
Baba Ji : No, that’s when you go into bharam (doubts & superstitions) and nonsense, that’s what you have to avoid.  When you live in the will of God, you have no desire.  That kills your own will – now you’re a ‘bhagat’ (loving devotee of the Lord).  As long as you have desires, you are not His.  You are Maya’s (mammons).  Desire part is Maya.