What was His will in my bhagati (loving devotional service to God)?  To wake up religious people to Truth.  If for that I have to die, it’s a life well lived.  If I can change a few, I have done His work.  The rest He’s going to do.    Because the moment I’m going to give the Naam, and you say the Naam, then He’s looking at you by taking my body’s shape.   Got it?
The Jyot (light) in your heart that has no shape, the moment we play Guru and Disciple it takes shape.   I will be with you all the time as my third body.  ( The third body is God-Light in the shape of your Guru.)  One body is Shabad (God’s Word), one is this Matter (God’s Creation), the third is Jyot (God’s Light).  (When you receive Naam from the Guru, it is actually the third form of God as Supreme Light igniting you via the Shabad "Sat Naam", so now the third form of God as Supreme Light is always with you too.  And you expereince God in the Creation).
Jyot – God is Light and God says "I have countless forms, but I have no form.  Understand?   Every time I give the Naam, there’s part of me that connects to them.  That why they have visions of me.  Everywhere.  So that state of energy in the (mind and body) house, it changes shapes in meditation to teach you.  (People in Baba Ji’s congregation  saw the following) Baba ji came out of the past saints, and out of Baba ji came other saints.  

(Baba ji explains that Forlmess God inside you, takes the form of your Guru/prophet to communicate with you in your visions or dreams.   First you may only see Baba Ji, but then God will take shape of the other Gurus and prhets too to teach you its all Him.)
So when you see that, what happens to you?  “If they (the Gurus and prophets of all faiths) are all there (in God’s ream of Truth), then why am I hating Muslims here (worldly realm)”?   Then the barrier of hatred, disappears from your mind.  So what will happen?   When the barrier of hatred disappear from your mind and your thought, more complete God comes into your mind.   And you will see now a bigger and complete God.  So the more the five thieves die in you, bigger the God gets in you.
The jewels encase the heart.
God begins to reside in your mind
…and in your eyes
… and in your ears
… God the jewel resides in you.
Saturate every cell through loving devotion, irrigate your mind and body field.
Then he’s embedded in your body.  What was (initially locked) in your heart, is also around you.  You understand?  And that is love.  That is what its all about.