Like the Chinese saint who said that in this life he’s a man, in lucid dreaming he becomes a butterfly.  He comes out of the dream and asks “What is true? The butterfly becoming a man, or the man becoming a butterfly?"  That’s when you know, all is mind.    The creation and Creator is one mind, mansorvar. (universal mind of God).  But when it comes in matter it goes away.  So how do get out of matter?  By becoming desireless, then your mind is out of matter.  Mind is always out of matter.
Without desires, the wish’s and all that which goes towards Maya all die.  Now what he gives you is a body of God.   Now what do we do?  We see, think, feel, sleep, eat, shit, drink and piss God.  I’m nirgun, sargun  (The Creator in pure spirit is called Nirgun.  The Creator permeating throughout His Creation is called SarGun.   And the Guru is the one within whom the Creator and Creation becomes One.     Illusions of the mind have been defeated, only leaves God) .    Theres no bharam (doubts and illusions) in me.
So what was the bharam?  Desire created Moh Maya (family attachments) is the Bharam.  Illusion.  Get out of it.  Then everyone says: “Baba ji, how do we control the mind”!!!    (Just get out of illusions – convince the mind there is nothing but God in me, around me, doing everything to everyone.)  Kill your desires, eliminate ‘me, me, me,’ then its only ‘you, you, you’.  If ‘me’ has left you (from within your mind) then its only ‘you’.  Now God has come to abide with my mind.  (Baba jee laughs).
These (slandererous) people in the temples, they really have no brains!!  I have travelled through the entire scriptures.  And have eaten all the divine pearls of wisdom all the pebbles, diamonds and rubies.  Only the one who has tasted it knows it.  That’s why God’s closest name after Truth is ‘munn’ (MIND).  

These people in the temples, the committee people who branded me that I control people using ‘mind control’,  well they are not listening to the scriptures.  “oh subh mann mahe, subh mann uss mahe”.  God resides in all minds, and all minds reside within God.

Because they go to the Temple and they never analyse the scriptures.  So what is righteous living? Live without desires and be happy with what he gives you and what he makes you do.  Kill the desires, its all God.
So how you going to get free of maya? Kill the desires.  Be happy with what he gives you.  Don’t even have desires for a daughter or a son.  See as ONE.  Don’t even have desire for food.  Kill your desires and you will see God’s will.  You go the wash room its Gods will, but you say its my own.   Because you are saying this mann (mind) is mine.  “eh mann mera hai”  – this minds mine!
And what is the saintt saying?  “I have to become You. My mind is Yours, body is Yours, my form is Yours, eyes are yours, everything I have is Yours Lord.”

Nothing is mine! (desire free).  Because the “ma” (me) part is an illusion. (everytime you say, me, i did that, i’m the best).  Get out of this illusion.  But you cant get out just by saying "I’m out of this illusion".   You have to start with meditation, that’s where it started from.  God came out of His own meditation and He imagined this universe.  (Imagination led to maya)
The 8.4 million life cycle, ”boom”, it came into existence.  By imagination this creation started.  And for example, by imagination you create a house “hey, I want a five bedroom house”.  “I want these clothes”.  Imagination produces (worldly maya) results.  So get out of the imagination, then maya decimates and your mind becomes stable.  You’re aiming to burn the desire in your mind, kill the desire, its bhagati (devotional loving worship of God). 

Kill any part of maya, then you’re in bhagati.  Now, how do you live the will of God?  God is Truth, so do Truth.  Lets say, for example, you don’t want to do Truth, that means you don’t want to do bhagati.  But I’ll tell you something, just kill your desires (and you will find that) all (that remains) is Truth.  Got it?  Noboby knows that….its simple as that. Understand?
For example, someone says “Oh I cant do Truth”.  I’ll say “can you do one thing at least? Have no desire for anything."  Are you happy?  Are you happy in peace?  (Being in peaceful happiness) …even that is truth.  (When you’re in peace, you dont hurt anyone, dont do any untrue deeds and mind is stable).  Simple as that but hard to earn.

You know why it is hard to earn?
For example your are a jatt (farmer caste) but have (karmic) due’s with a chumar (so called low caste) that will take you to that door.  (Eg You always desired to marry another Jatt to keep your parents happy.   But karma makes you fall in love with a Chumar and you start trying to overrule your karmic dues by saying "I am a Jatt and she’s a Chumar, we can never get married."  So now you lose the game, as you dont see as one "ik drisht – single vision" which will lead to unhappiness).
Now you have to conquer your own caste system.  That part is hard.  Ok?  For example, you’re going to your scriptures and your doing prayers.  Your scriptures take you to a saint – one within whom God resides.   If you truly believing your scriptures then you will learn that the saint is good.    (But you may belong to Narrow-minded religious people and have been taught not to believe in present time Saints.  But your karmic dues is leading you to the Sant.  So now the hard part for you is to overrule your narrow-minded religious people man-made beliefs and follow your destiny.  Then you are earning Truth.  That is hard).
But narrow-minded religious people have fed hatred of the living God in  saint’s heart in the Temples for the last 50 years.  Narrow-minded religious people have sown more hatred more than any other group.

H : I was reading the history of that groups founder.  Everyone around him during his lifetime was  blissed out.   Because of the fact that they had him with them.  He was inspiring them.  He was a living saint for them.  But they killed that for everyone else afterwards. (By saying you only need the scriptures and not a living saint!) 
Baba Ji :   They became “oochay soochay”  ("higher and purer than you" attitude) the worst thing.   (We are supposed to become lowest of the low and eradicate ego, not become highest of the high because of pride of being religious!)