H: Mum heard me doing the prayer "I only want one gift “Naam” and to accept everything that happens as God’s sweet will. (tera keeya meet lagay. Har naam padarath nanak mangay)"  Mum said to me that in family life you shouldn’t do ardas like that. (She believes in praying and mediating and pleading with God and Guru until worldy things turn out the way she wants…Eg if they cant accept that I wanted to get married to a different caste, pray and go to Saints until that realtionship breaks and they get me married to the ‘right’ caste.  Or when aunt was dying with cancer keep praying etc for her to get better, but in the end she just lived longer , suffered more and finally died when everyone including aunt realised death was better than the life if suffernig she had now.)
Baba Ji : No, this (accepting God’s will as sweet and asking only for naam) is the only prayer the scriptures  direct you to do. You are trapped in Maya and asking for more Maya and Moh (family attachments) such
“Maya Maya karat, janam gwaya”… doing Maya, Maya, one wastes their life.
Moh (Family attachments) is part of Maya.  Well wishing for you children is Maya.  (My mother does really long prayers that mentions all family members names, asking for their protection and success etc).  I don’t even well wish for my son.  I say “Sache Patshah – O True Master – keep him as you want."  And on my part, I have no expectations on my son for anything.  Who’s going to look after me in my later life? God will.  Not my son.  If I think my son will, then I have made my Guru – my God – less.   Then my son is bigger.  Got it?  If that is the case then let my son die.  I want you bigger (God)
Dying and telling my son to die, I am disconnecting moh (family attachment from my mind).  But I want God’s house, better.  “Mera Sub kuch ujar javai” . . .may everything of mine be destroyed.   That’s what the bhagat says in his meditation.  “Leken tera ghar suki revai” . . .but may Your House be forever in bliss.   “Sarbat da bhala” . .  . Goodwill to ALL beings – not just MY family.  Understand?
When you say that, that means "You, God, are in charge.  You are everywhere. It is better you play it and give my whatever You want."
“Jo davai so kava, jo karava so kara, jo balavai bolna.” . . . Whatever you give, I eat.  Whatever You cause, I do. Whatever You tell me, I say.    “Jivne nachavai, so nacha.” . . .However You make me dance, so I dance.  “Jai sulavai, sonjava, jai jugavai, shuknjava.”  If You put me to sleep, I sleep.  When you wake me, I arise.
All these things are not my doings.  It is auto pilot (subconscious).  Your eating, your sleeping, your sweating, your pissing, your shitting, is not in your control.  They all work same as "unn ka dana" in time, place and space.  (Un-ka-dana – grain of corn.  Baba ji explains that under law of karma what you sow is what you reap.  Everything you get in life is due to what you ahve sown in the past and past lives.  From who you marry and how long you stay together.   From every kiss and atoms in saliva that are exchanged.  Down to every last grain of of corn that you eat, where you eat it and when you eat it.  Karma law goes down to the smallest detail)
You’re driving along a Highway in the car, hell brakes loose because your bladder is full.  You need to go for a piss but you say to yourself  “Oh I’ll go home and do it”.  All of a sudden, you rush it, pull over on the Highway and you release yourself.  Time, place and space!  And what happened to your thought "I’ll go home and do it".  Who over rules you?  His Will.

If you have no desire, all is God’s Will then. (When you have conquered the five thieves from within your mind, surrender everything to God, have no desires, no attachment to maya, then all your actions are run by God’s Will, not your own will)
If you are saint, you can’t have desires.   Even for the family (grisht).  Because the moment you have desire for the sukh (desire for happiness) of the family then ‘sukh rog’ ( desire for happiness = DISEASE’).  What Disease (Rog)?

"Maya karat, janam gawaya" . . . running after worldy attachment, praying for maya, instead of naam, your whole life is wasted like this.

What is Sukh?  Maya.  (Any desire for worldly happiness for yourself is Maya).  Laziness is what kills most of the people in Maya.  They become and lazy and don’t serve others.
Sukh = laziness.
Keep on doing seva, parupkar (selfless service to others).  So what happens in seva (service)?  The body stays healthy,   your thoughts stay healthy in you by simran.  By parupkar (serving others) your heart is healthy,  its in love, with who? With God.  You have no desire, so all is service.  When all is service, you are giving your all to God, what are you going to get back?  All of God.  You understand?
When you have no desires, He’s (God) going to spoil you, He’s a good Father.   A good son asks nothing from the Father.  Then the Father bends over backwards, He wants his son to have something.   Got it?  So, “mai kuch mangda ni” . . .  I don’t ask for anything.  “oh dinda takhda ni” . . .  He never gets tired of giving.  That’s best living.
I have no desire.  That means I have no Maya (mammon – no attraction to the world).  So all I get is God.  All I do is God’s work.  His Will prevails in everything I do.  Whatever He gives me to eat, I’m happy in it.  How He keeps me, I am happy in it.  He gives me a house, He destroys the house.  I’m happy in it.  His Will is done.