H : How does the body carry on if the soul goes out, I thought that the soul was like the battery, the life force?
Baba Ji : The soul goes out, but its still attached to the belly button, like a wire is attached, and you come back.  But if you go into the astral world, the spirit world, and you find your enemy over there and you end up fighting and he cuts the umbilical cord of the soul, you’re out. You’re dead in your sleep.   That’s what a lot of people do, groups of spiritual Freemasons, they practice these powers, they challenge each other, a lot of things happen in there (spirit world).  They fight each other to dominate.  They are busy, what do you think that these meditators are doing sitting in the Himalayas ?
I showed Baba S Ji (teenager who Baba Ji enlightened).  I said to him “look and see what they do”.  They are doing bhagati (devotional worship) but they want Ridhia (super natural powers).  That’s what the Sadhu’s (hindu holy men) are doing.  If they get one or two Ridhias (supernatural powers), they come back to the village and annoy everyone using these powers, they’ll upset somebody’s cow or make someone’s granny ill.  Same goes for making money, they’ll charge people, like 5 or 10 rupees to do something to someone (black magic – jadhu toona’s).