H: My dad said to me a few weeks ago when he found out that we were coming here, "Your Baba Ji  uses mind control.  He’s controlling your mind."

Baba Ji: Mind controller?  Only the divine word (Sat Naam & Sat Bachan – God’s Name and Wisdom) can control your mind.   But todays religious people will give you limited colours to wear (and other colours to avoid).  That’s a mind control.  Its a control in the name of religion. (Narrow-minded religious people say) "You will eat from an iron bowl"- that’s a dictum brain wash. (They imply)  "If you dont eat from an iron bowl you’re not going to get salvation".  It is a fear factor that works very sweetly. Its a dominancy.

Symbolism and ritualism are anti-religion. It is a diversity yes, but diversity produces ego. Competition.  And what do the scriptures say? Get out of it.

H :  We want God’s Wisdom, our inner Eternal Guru, our intuition, to control our mind, because we can’t control it ourselves.  Otherwise we can get out of acting out of desires or destruction!  Guru Arjun Dev Ji said ‘mun bechay sat guru kai pass.  Tis sevak kay karaj raas’. (That disciple is successful who surrenders the mind to the Guru).  It means that we have surrendered our negative mind to the higher wisdom!

Baba Ji : But tell them that Baba ji doesn’t give personal commands to anyone for his own benefit.  Neither does he take any of the daily readings from the scriptures. He says, "Naam is the command of God."  Guru Nanak says "everything is under God’s command, nothing is outside of it."

And that God’s Light is in your heart chakra (hirda).   And what is the Jyot’s (God’s Light’s) name? Sat Naam.  This is the command of God.  Live your heart and love – that is the command of God.  Are we living that?    The religious people are not living that.  Its a ritualism and symbolism and illusion.

The scriptures say "practising ME & MINE they waste their lives".

Even saying "me and my religious community" is Maya.   Even the scripture says that God is always beyond maya.  So how did the scripture turn into God?  The scripture is a presentable measure – physical matter. it is a part of Maya (temporary creation).   Knowledge is a part of Maya.  Wisdom is translucent.  Only the one who has tasted it (God), knows it.   (Baba Ji says take knowledge from the scripture and make it into YOUR OWN own experience.  Then that becomes your personal wisdom.) Wisdom takes birth in a loving heart.

Wisdom cannot be bought, you can buy the scriptures.  Because that is knowledge that can be bought and shared. (The knowledge in the scripture was the personal divine wisdom of the saints who wrote it. But once it is written it is only knoweldge for the reader until they put it into practise and experience it too.)

Wisdom is personal, individual.  We each reap whatever is written on our forehead due to our past deeds.  Only that one will get wisdom, if it’s written in their destiny – written by God.  Otherwise it doesn’t matter how many scriptures you have from how many religions in your house, you’re never going to have wisdom.   "Merely reading and reading you only gather cartloads of books" says Guru Nanak.  That means just by reading all the scriptures and their explanations the wisdom still does not take place.

Wisdom is God’s gift to Himself.  And what is God’s gift to Himself in separation (our individual souls are separated from Him, like drops from the Ocean)?  The saint (the soul that has reunited itself with God, the drop that has remerged with Ocean).

If there was mind-control (by Baba Ji over his congregation), then I would be saying like the other devta-sants (religious leaders who have some spiritual power, but due to ego are still not one with God – just like the 330 million demi-gods (devta)), "you should do continuous ritual readings of the scriptures;  celebrate the full moon; don’t eat garlic, only eat fruit on Tuesdays, dont wash your hair on Wednesdays,  fast for your husband and brother on Thursdays.  Right?

And what do I say?  What does the scripture say? Do Truth 24/7 (24 hours day, 7 days a week).  Get out of these religious superstitious illusions. The scripture says itself.  Get out of it, this is not praising the Lord, this is worshipping illusion.

Saying "Tuesday is better than Wednesday" is worshipping illusion.  If you say "I am better than another" that is also illusion.  "Me" is part of Maya.  Saying "I’m high" is still part of Maya.  Because the one who will earn the name (SATNAAM), will be the lowest of the lowest. He’ll never say "I’m high and pure.  He’ll be saying,  "I’m nothing, I’m nothing".  He will go to God’s court in  his heart.  Become the lowest here,  to become the highest in God’s court.
They have not understood the simple meaning in 50 years of  preaching by narrow-minded religious people.   They have become an army to keep their founder alive, but the heart of their founder is missing in their lives.  The heart of love is missing.  The heart of compassion is missing.  Man to man in the name of religion, they are worse than a normal person.  I can lock five un-religious people in a prison or put them on a life boat, and nowhere to go and they will become friends.  On the same boat in the Temple every Sunday, long-haired religious people, hair-cut people, the farmer-caste, the low-caste and the carpenter caste get together, but there is no LOVE!  In a religious boat!

In the Temple there is no love.  Why?  Ego is running the show.  "I am better than you" attitude is running the show.   They don’t know they are killing themselves and their children.  By promoting  "I am better than you"  hatred.  I spoke out only what God made me see in 7 years of serving at the temple.  The religious ones taunted me, they laughed at me.  I was dancing like a prostitute in love in Gods court, in the Temple.

Doing the service without fail (didnt miss a day in 7 years), in utmost love and they laughed.  I stripped them naked (by giving them this wisdom that they are far from God) because that’s what God showed me and told me to do.  And gave the purity, the heart of the scriptures out in the open (this website) so anybody can devour this lost diamond.  And I want these narrow-minded religious people to become mellow.
Loving and caring.  It is for them.  Then their founder’s spirit can walk through their hearts on Earth again.  God-Guru has to walk in the physical world by residing in your heart, but your heart must be loving.  If your heart is not loving, then God-Guru has not entered your heart.  Maya is still there – hatred is still there.
How can the narrow-minded religious people do all night singing and praising and go to sleep at night then  get up and pray to their founder, when their actions are of hatred all day?  You’re down playing (slandering) others, is that not down playing God as he lives in every heart?  Is that not hatred?  Is that not sowing hatred?
That’s not religion.  Narrow-minded religious people is 100% Brahmin (ritualistic Hindu priest class that was condemned by the scriptures).  And today in the 21st century they are even worse than Brahmins.  Brahmins have killed no saints.  Well actually, they killed a Budhist one time.  But Budhism became a better religion than Hinduism.  Budhism is the only religion on earth that still does not believe in caste, colour and creed.

Ambedkar, a great mind and loving heart can write the constitution of India, but the Sikhs could not embrace him. (Dr Ambedkar was son a low caste in the military and lucky enough to get a brilliant army education.  He fought for the rights of the millions of low castes in India.  The British agreed for proportional representation for the low castes in parliament after they left India.  But Gandhi was totally against it and went on hunger strike.   The British caved in, as it was causing too much uproar in the Hindu majority.   Unable to change caste attitudes in Hinduism, Ambedkar considered becoming a Sikh.  But he saw Jat Sikh leaders where to close to Hinduism for his liking, and  he turned to Buddhism and so did millions of his followers.  He made an interesting observation that "Most of the present day Sikhs, Muslims and Christians were formerly Hindus, majority of them being from the Shudras (low castes) and Untouchables.”)
Saint Ravi Dass was a low caste and he’s in the scriptures.  Yet we have gone blind in ego of ‘purer and higher than you’ attitude.  And who are the ones with this attitude?   The same ones who where the outcaste of the Brahmin house (Hinduism)!   (Whenever a new religion came to India, the majority who took it up where the ones who were oppressed in their own religion due to being poor and of low caste.)  And the majority of them (low caste Hindus) are in the narrow-minded religious people category

Baba ji laughs.
Coming from a low caste they are now saying "We are pure and higher-than-you".  No, we are supposed to say, “Our founder abolished the caste system.  We are from it, but we don’t believe in it and we hate nobody.  And we love everybody.”   Then they have earned the right to say "waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh" (‘The Pure Belong to God, Victory To God’ – The Sikh Salutation.)
You are killing the Wondrous God in other’s hearts, yet you are giving salutations to your God as being the Wondrous God.  You’re a hypocrite! Two faced.  Two sided.  Duality can not go with “ek mann, ek chit sachkhand” (one mind, one focus, see realm of Truth in every littel bit of the Creation). Never.  And they cannot have Truth here.  They are the most doubtful.

The moment hardship comes to challenge their religion, they are executing saints (eg Narrow-minded religious people member Ranjit Singh killed a Sikh sect leader in 1980, spent years in prison for it, but the Sikhs made him into their Leader whilst still in prison).  However, when hardships come in their family, wearing religious uniform they are sitting in the congegation of (so-called) saints (who do black-magic) where all the voodoos are happening.  They forget their scriptures being God on that day.   And I talked very openly about that too. 

Do I do voodoo?  When have you or anybody seen any ‘thabeet’ (objects for doing black-magic) or any worshipping of any “deh” (human body – Baba Ji doesn’t get people to worship him, only to worship the One God.  Baba Ji only puts each person in touch with God inside themselves (inner Guru), rather than becoming dependent on him( the outer Guru))?  I didn’t sell the scriptures or do ritual readings, so why would I do voodoo?  (The local papers and Temple comittees along with narrow-minded religious people and religious leaders accused Baba Ji of doing black magic and getting himself worshipped.)
Whom you call a Husband (God), I didn’t put any price on Him (didn’t sell God’s word as they do in the Temples – buying and selling ritual readings.  Buying and selling the scriptures.  Buying and selling prayer books, songs of praise tapes, videos etc.)