(Baba j is talking about a religious vegetarian’s logic)
Some people may say “I’m not drinking where cow’s meat has been eaten”.  (Eg Many "religious" people are very strict about not eating out and do not even eat at relative’s houses if they eat meat.)  Then why are you wearing shoes? (as shoes are usually made of leather).  You’re a hypocrite when you say that.  Did you kill the cow? NO.  If a man can kill a cow and become a saint (Sadhana Ji’s verses are in the scriptures, yet he was a butcher by trade), then why cant you?  Have you ever thought of that?
The soul leaves when the cow dies.  And what is left is food.  And what do the scriptures say?   When the cow dies, the body will come in use.    But when a man dies, the cow will not even eat the man.  That’s how low the man is.  A man is so low that dogs will not eat his body.  But if a saint dies, all the birds will come and eat him, they get sanctified.
The saint wishes "I’ve done my deeds in the lifecycle (eaten other lifeforms plant, animals etc), so when I die, I want this body to be used (by other creatures in the lifecycle)"  That’s why Baba Ishar Singh ji wanted his body to be sent into the water for the fish to eat.  (Even though Hindus and Sikhs get cremated, many saints prefer their body to be sent on a boat-coffin out into the river).  So the body can be used.
The scriptures challenge the people who are in attachment to Maya and say, “Oh, you cant feed my grandad to dogs!, No No, he’s our grandad.”  But will the dogs eat the body?  While the grandad was alive, he used to steal, rob, lie.  Even the dog is better than this dog with 2 legs!