A donkey does not have 4 legs, the donkey I see in religious places has two legs.  (the individuals who’s minds are intoxicated by maya).  So did Guru Gobind Singh. (The story goes that Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted to teach the Sikhs a lesson they would never forget.   So he placed a lion skin carefully over a donkey and sent it running into a nearby village.   The people saw a lion coming in the distance and started running and screaming, everyone in the village ran for their lives.  The "lion" stood in the deserted street and gave itself away when it started ee-oring ‘EE-OR EE-OR’.   Guru Gobind Singh ji showed the Sikhs that even though they are supposed to be lions (hence the name SINGH), and they may dress like lions (Sikh Uniform), but if there actions are bad then all will know they are just donkeys.) 
Some religious people are still donkeys today, there are even bigger donkeys here today.  (Baba ji refers to the event when these so called religious people vandalised his house and attacked his congregation, including women and children to steal the scriptures).  They came to my house to steal a book that they think is God, and the book says itself that “God never comes and goes”.
So what do we have?  A play of fools, a fake belief.  For that,  their deeds became of stealing somebody else’s property that is paid for.   And then you glorify your Guru (They think by stealing the scriptures from someone’s house that their Guru  will be pleased with them for defending the faith.  They forget that the Sikhs of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji went and stole the scriptures from his nephew.  They also thought they had done a good deed, but Guru Tegh bahadur ji told them off and told them to return it immediately).
Your Guru is sitting in Dargag (God’s court) with his head between his knees and saying “What the hell! I taught them 250 years of Truth and they are still donkeys”.  The donkey of 4 legs is living in reality in 24 hours and thanking God for everything he gets.  But this donkey with two legs is sitting in a temple and is lying to his family, friends and relatives and religious community everyday.
That’s why Gobind Singh said: “Kal Yug vich Sat Yug vartaya” (In this Dark Age, the Age Of Truth has been shown – i.e. the Guru’s shone God’s Light).  Gobind Singh didn’t say “now only Sat Yug (Age Of Truth)  will remain”.  He wrote in the Sau Sakhi’s (100 stories written by people who listened to Guru Gobind Singh ji’s discourses) that from ‘Kal’ (this Dark Age) there will be Maha Kal (Extreme Dark Age).
This means even these donkeys are not going to cultivate it right.  They will become worse than donkeys.   Now they are such donkeys that they are eating their own offspring, by dominating them.  And teaching them ritualism and symbolism, and not letting their heart live the Akal Purakh (God) of the moment.  “mera sahib, nit namah” (My Master is new everday).   In every child, it is God.   In every pure Truth thought it is God.  In every desireless living it is God.  In spontaneous love, it is God’s greatest, strongest heart, purest will.  Love breaks countries, colours, creed and religion all at once.  It challenges evolution and creativity because it is pure God looking at himself in that moment between man and woman.
“apay ras, apay rasia” (He Himself is the joy and the enjoyer, the taste and the taster).

 “apai karan karava har” (He Himself is the cause and the Doer)
His identity is LOVE and what is the opposite?  Hatred.  Love produced what?  Nimrita (humility).  What does hatred produce? Identity – Hankar (pride and ego).  “Nanak dai kar nimrita hai” (In Nanak’s house there is humility – not hatred).   Look underneath your own collar….  (am I humble or full of hatred?)
What’s is Nanak house today?  Hatred.  Produced by? Narrow-minded religious people.    And I’ll keep on saying that my entire life.  The moment you say "I am oocha (higher) and soocha (purer)" you are a hell raiser. You are ignorant of others.    And your deeds? You have not seen within your heart (how much dirt of ego is there).  And now you are making your GURU “narak namaji” (resident of Hell.).  What ever the father does, it will reflect on his son.  What ever the son does, who will it affect?  The religion. (if Sikhs do bad deeds in the name of their Father Guru Gobind Singh ji, then it reflects badly on the Sikh religion).

You are pushing people to go to Radasoamies and others (Sikh sects) – everyday by taunting them, by not letting them in the Gurdwaras and sharing with them and not looking at them and not giving them any salutations.   Bani says "see God in everyone".   And that’s the only thing I spoke against, I’m told to do so, to keep the Naam pure.

But the arrogant, the ignorant think they are pious and pure, "oocha and soocha" are actually donkeys in their hearts, their children are crying the most.  Suicides are happening there.  And they are the most unhappy, but they put a great front in the temples.   You should see their faces, they have no love for others, even in the langar hall (eating hall where Guru Nanak taught us to be equal and to share with others i.e. see God in all).

And in the parking lot, they are looking at them as if the vultures are going to eat a living body.  “jithai dhek, gursikh karra, nimran pai lagan” (wherever I see a Guru’s Sikh (gursikh) I humbly touch their feet) –  they forgot this.

And what is Gursikh – The Guru’s Sikh?  Every living thing is a Gursikh if you really want to understand the true meaning of Gursikh.  Because in every heart lives God – and every person is a disciple (Sikh) of that God (Gur).  If you cant understand this, you will never understand the scriptures.  You will never understand your own child.

(Baba Ji is talking about the "religious" ones who end up oppressing others who they deem aren’t religious enough, and oppressing their own children.  They have forgotten they were supposed to serve their family and community when they chose to follow the relgious path)
How are your supposed to love your relatives and neighbours if you cant give love and affection to your own child?  If you cant see the God crying in them, how can you become Kanayia and serve others? (Bhai Kanayia Ji served even wounded enemy soldiers with water and was blessed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.  He never took initiation of the tenth master, as he had been initiated by the ninth Guru, and he refused to use weapons to kill.)
That’s why after Kanayia there has been only Puran Singh.  (Puran Singh Ji died a few years ago.  But when he was young he saw a crippled/sick child abandoned on the roadside.  He picked him up and put him on his back and carried him everywhere.   He ended up taking in many sick people and dedicated his life to serving them.  A charity is still running under his name).   But they (religious committees) are eating that charity too.    All egotistical hardcore fanatics are eating the charities.

It came in the papers, the SGPC leader (Bibi Jagir Kaur), she’s wears a keski (turban) and steals money from the charity.  And who’s printing this in the papers? Akal Purakh (God) is.  She’s wears a turban but she also got her own (pregnant) daughter killed (for wanting to marry the father of her child – honour killing).  

And I talked about this on the video tapes.  Who are we following? Badal (Leader of sikh Political party in Punjab – also wears 5 Ks and has relgious exterior)?   How many has he killed? He killed a lot of young boys in his time, it came in the paper.

Even Gill the police man (Police Chief in Punjab responsible for fighting the Sikh fighters after 1984) wrote a book, he told the truth that a lot of money that was collected in the name of Bhindrawala, never reached the poor people.  That also came in the paper.  So if you speak that, are you against Sikhi? Or are you trying to clean sikhi?  That’s all I did – clean Sikhi, wake them up.

H: same as what Jesus did with the Jews.

Anybody who will do bhagati (devotional loving worshiip of God) and he reaches Naam and he sees purity, he wants to teach love and truth.   For that, every Bhagat (lover of God) fought his own religion.  That’s what the Bhagat is created for.   He’s the only one who cleans religion, nobody else.  

The others just put dirt on the religion, like these committees.  They have made so many Gurdwaras, everywhere, one for all the castes.  (Eg one for Jatts (farmers tend to run Singh Sabha Gurdwaras), one for Chumars ("untouchables" tend to have Guru Ravi Das Temples), one for the Ramgharias (carpenters – tend to call them Ramgharia Sabhas)).
What happened to your humility?  To abolish caste, color and creed?   And they are satisfied by saying this temple is for the Naamdharies (Sikh sect) , this temple is for the nihangs (Sikh warrior sect), one for the jatts (farmers).  They are happy in it.  Because you are all Brahmins (hypocritical Hindu priest class that the 10 Guru’s criticised severely)!
(Baba jee laughs!! )

"Me and my" group, "me and my" family.  Its all ego!   If you say, "I am Amritdhari (initiated Sikh) and I will only eat from an Amritdhari’s plate" that’s ego!  Segregating from the rest of the world is haumai (ego).  Diversity produces haumai.  Yet it (diversity) is evolution’s greatest character.  But evolution is Maya. The only part of evolution that is not Maya, is the heart crying for LOVE.   Rest of the body is MAYA.

“Satnaam”, “Raam Raam”, “Allah Allah”. “Tuhi tuhi (You Only You Lord)”.  Without desires all is God. All is His will.  What have you sold your mind to?   Is your heart conquoring the mind?   Whoever’s heart conquers the mind at the moment, lives freely and happily.  Whoever is oppressed by their own mind, kills his own heart, kills his own life.