If you are a Saint and you are selling the scripture and you call the scripture your Khasam (call God’s Word as your Husband’s Word), then you’re a pimp not a Saint in my eyes.  Anybody who puts a price on the scripture does not have the right to call it a Guru  (Giver of Wisdom).   First you’re a pimp then you call the scripture a Guru?  And then on top of that you become ignorant of what the scripture actually tells you to do.

The scripture says that nobody can put a price on Naam and nobody will ever will be able to. “Naam is priceless”.  On that precious and pious scripture you are saying that you will put a price on it!  You put the scripture in a 10ft by 10ft room and you put Air Conditioning units and quilts on your "living" Guru, ignoring that this "living" Guru says that I live in every heart.  You’re killing the heart but honouring the book.  The book says: “Why have you brought donations here to me now? When I was in the beggar asking you for something, you didn’t give anything to me then!"

Listen to these religious discourses by the priests at the Temple.  Notice they are only emphasising that the respect of the physcial scripture should be pure and high.  (That’s why the scripture is wrapped in fine silks, is bowed to, has a lot of regalia around it , and many ceremonies associated to it – to get people’s respect.)   But they have closed the door on the words of the scripture that came from the heart of the poor, hurt and injured saints. 
You know what a living Guru is?  Truth.  And a truthful heart is a living Guru.  Anything else other than this is an explanation.  You can say that the scripture is the truest of the truest divine word – the Dvine Knoweldge Guru (teacher of divine knowledge),   the divine explanations from the hearts of the saints,  the body of knowledge from the enlightened saints.
It is the divine knowledge of the house of the BrahmGiani (Knowers of God).  ParBraham (Supreme Lord) is the original Jyot (Light) and BrahmGiani  is His truest child.  Also known as "Sat Raam Das" (Servant of God of Truth) , the purest Khalsa (enlightened soul) on Earth.  The BrahmGiani  is  the lowest of the lowest.  He is the beggar, begging from the beggars at God’s door.  He is thirstiest of the thirstiest ones for God.
But he is also the greatest lover of all lovers of God,  the greatest giver of God’s gifts and the servant of God’s servants.  Understand?   He is loved by God and the lover of all, and serves one and all.
That’s the only way you can serve God, if you serve every lifeform in the 8.4 million species. If you hate and then make your own laws,  you have decimated divine law as in the scriptures.  You are the enemy of the scripture yourself and I don’t hesitate in calling you a "pimp".   Because that’s exactly what you are.  Or I can say you’re a thug.  You are cheating and robbing the poor and then you are slandering the poor – you’re two faced!  You want to SELL the scripture (and its ritual readings) to everybody.  But when it comes to giving the initiation and sharing the donated food to the really poor, hurt and low-caste,  you ignore ‘anh dai danai’ (i.e. the concept that every piece of grain you are going to eat is already destined for you due to you reaping what you have sown in the past). You slander ‘anh dai danai’ ( Narrow-minded religious people will reject people from receiving initiation if they think they are not ready/good enough.  But they are quite happy to take their money from donations.)  You laugh on their poverty and how God keeps them. You laugh at their living.  You are not liberated yourself.  What gives you the right to say to others, "you are not going to achieve salvation"?

You are not saved yourself.  “only the one who is liberated himself can ferry across others.”

You have not become liberated yourself.  You haven’t conquered the five thieves from within your mind.  You are not a Brahmgiani (enlightened soul) so how can you be Pure?  How dare you call yourself  Pure!  You haven’t conquered the five thieves.  Te scripture says and tells you, "how dare you call yourself pure?"  as you haven’t even controlled the five thieves.   So that so-called “Pure” one is ignorant and two-faced. 

Go find a saint in whose house a price is not put on the scripture and nobody is pushed back.  Where nobody is scared and no fear is put over them.  Fear is decimated there.  Listen to the scripture when it asks, "Are you scared of death? Then go to the saints."   The Saint will install courage in you.  The Saint will install confidence in you.  The Saint will install ‘Naam’ in you.  The Saint has been called the merchant of naam.  Show me one line in the scripture where it says that the scripture is the merchant of naam?  Its not written.

Who is the saint? The one who has controlled the five thieves.
Who is the saint? The one who is generous and selfless.
Who is the saint? The one who does not put a price on the scripture.
Who is the saint? The one who will ferry the whole nation by taking them out of illusions.  The saint is the one who destroys doubts and religious rituals.    Is a true Saint going to put a price on the scripture when he knows you cannot put a price tag on it (because buying and selling the scripture is a religious illusion he should be breaking)?  He better not sell the scripture on this Earth.  And I don’t care if it is God Himself in that saint’s community, I’ll still call him a pimp!

I am stupid, I have nothing, all I have is truthful love and how He made me taste it, understand it and evaluate it.  Seven years in the temple, people laughed at me, taunted me, slandered me, they still do.  They robbed me in the end (Narrow-minded religious people raided Baba ji’s house and stole the Scripture).  I never sold the scripture, not on any day, not any verse of it.  

Mixed Ritual Reading of the scripture is a murder.  (Almost every temple has 48 hr continuous reading of Scripture at weekends, which they charge the family money for.  Alot of so-called saints have made it fashionable to mix in one chosen verse after every verse while doing a ritual reading.  This makes it last for a whole week.  My parents and lots of others are in the habit of paying Saints and historic Temples a lot of money to get these ritual readings  done.  They tell the organisation what wants they want prayed for at the end.  They just pay the money, are told the dates it will take place and if they are lucky receive a copy of the reading taken at the end.  No effort involved, just pay your money and get your wants prayed for.  The other day my Dad said "our mixed ritual reading was completed today in India.  So I can’t understand why everything went wrong for me today – central heating broke down, had to have ice cold shower, got the flu, left some contract papers at home and had to waste half an hour coming back to get them.")
Sitting in maya and having dreams of maya ( I want this…, I want to be like …, I want to do … etc), sitting in maya you ask for worldly wants is a curse, says the the scripture.  ‘When wordly wants are the disease, pain and suffering become the remedy,” says Guru Nanak.   They have not evaluated this.  The ones who are selling the ritual readings to fulfill peoples worldy wants, and ignoring that the the scripture is saying that ALL WORLDLY WANTS are a curse, are shoving poison down your throat and teaching you anti-religion. Anti-Truth.  They are the pimps of religion.  They are the ones who are crying.  This is the house of ego.

The scripture says that where the poor are looked after God’s kindness rains down.  In which Temple today are they taking care of the poor?  Or taking care of the injured?  There is no Kanaya (the Sikh who served water to injured Sikh soldiers and MUSLIM soldiers on the battlefield, to the displeasure of the Sikh warriors, but to the pleasure of Guru Gobind Singh)  in any temple.  Our own elders cannot sit (old people struggle to sit cross-legged, or are in wheelchairs, but having chairs in the prayer hall or in the food hall is banned.  Because they think by keeping everyones head at the same level means they are equal.  Or if someone is on a chair their head maybe higher than the level of Scripture.  Which they find offensive.)
Is the heart not higher than the the scripture?   The scripture itself says that one heart is higher than all the religions. Can an injured heart and injured body and old age not listen to the the scripture?  The Immortal Being is beyond the three parts of maya (means is beyond physical holy scriptures, so dont think you are offending Him by sitting higher or lower).   The Temple is a hospital, is a guest-house, is a house of love, where every injury, hurt and old age should be embraced with compassion.  Not a house of caste, colour, creed and hatred.  It is the only place where all the barriers of the government, the caste, colour, creed and religion should decimate, not prevail.  But they do prevail so for that matter all religious places are pimps (selling God).  I tell you, they’re all pimps.

Mother Teresa’s acts were far greater than any religion and religious places today.  She defeated Christianity too,  because she never converted anyone in the name of religion.  That’s why the Pope was fighting her, by honouring her so late as a saint.  I declared her a saint 25 years ago.