You do get further when you speak the truth.  He gives Truth to you.  Your heart becomes bigger and bigger and bigger. Baba ji doesn’t speak in anger.  Immortal Being sits inside Baba ji.  The father that is in the son, or God that is in the servant, sits and talks.  Who runs your tongue? Who runs your mind?  God’s other name is "Mansarovar" – The Universal Mind – The Cosmic-Conscious. 

Become a learner, a new generation. Fight your own parents, they are arrogant.  The child is the saint of tomorrow.  It never says the arrogant and proud are the saints of tomorrow.  The new generation has to take the reigns and the grip.  The new generation is hurting in love for truth.  They are hurting for the right to live.  Throughout the world, a new generation is taking control of corporations.  It is about time to take control of your religions and modify them. To be compassionate rather full of hatred.

Children are the saints of tomorrow.  And I have shown that 8 year olds, 12 year olds, can go to God’s court in their heart.  And the meaning of the entire scripture is one thing :- "rhythm, and the freedom of the heart".  (Baba ji laughs).  Scripture is only for the heart.  The soul lives in the heart.