H: you were saying that if you want to understand Gurbani, just change the words referring to holy souls like "sant", "satguru", "bhagat" etc to ‘Satnaam’.
Baba Ji : It will unravel itself.  The key to the door to Sachkhand is Naam.  Wherever in bani it is written ‘sant’, ‘bhagat’ or ‘naam’, just read ‘Satnaam’.  The whole bani unravels.  That’s all it is.  Whatever is written will come up.  You can pick up all the diamonds and the jewels.


That’s why we wrote the articles and fought the tyrants, the unbelievers who call themselves pure.  Expose their excesses and strip them naked.  Then they said that “He (Baba Ji) is putting shame on our Guru (Guru Granth Sahib Ji).”  But, they took that Guru to court to sue him!  Khalsa is going to sue Khalsa!  (One of the organisers of the raid on Baba Ji’s house, went onto sue his own Gurdwara).


I talk about (ex-leader of the Sikhs) Ranjt Singh sitting in Akal Takhat giving hukam nama’s (orders) to another Jathedar Manjit Singh (Sikh leader) to appear before him about money he raised in Canada.  That Jathedar never came forward to Akal Takhat.   That’s the Khalsa, that’s the big brother, the exemplary living?  Whatever I may be, I exposed the arrogant and the ‘kotai’ (false khalsa) thieves.  I tell you what, I have spoken the purest truth.  They could not absorb it.


Today in the 21st century, there’s more truth in science than in every Gurdwara, Temple, Mosque and Church.  99% of the bani is science.  There is only 1% that is Naam.  And “Naam bina sabh mithia” (other than Naam all is temporary).  Naam is only one word (Sat i.e Truth ).  Everything else is Maya.  And Maya is science.  And science challenges religion.


Without the union of God in a Gurprasadi name of  SatNaam, the rest of the bani is psychology.  A psychologist is 99% of the bani’s sant.  (Baba ji laughs!).  That’s all it is.


(I think Baba ji is saying that if you are a pure and innocent  person like Bhagat Dhanna ji, then all you need is NAAM to connect you to the Supreme Light of God.  And that Light of God is the only Truth, the only thing tht is stable in this whole creation.  Everything else is temporary and hence false , everything else is part of maya.  In Guru Granth Sahib Ji only 1% actually tells you that Naam is SatNaam / Sach Naam / Sachaa Naam, / Sat Sat Sat.  It  is hardly mentioned…still kept mostly as a secret even with Guru Granth Sahib ji.   Naam is praised but hardly revealed in any shabad.  Baba ji said to me he doesn’t’ agree with Gurus and Bhagats for keeping naam such a big secret in their shabads, because people are still arguing and confused about what NAAM they Gurus where refering to.   Baba Ji said if he wrote a holy book it would be very clear, it would have one word only in it and that would be SAT (TRUTH) , even the second part NAAM (Name) is like the shadow under the candle flame – it merely describes what SAT is.


But most people arent pure and innocent like bhagat dhanna ji, they have tied their minds into knots thanks to the 5 thieves and maya.   So 99% of Guru Granth Sahib Ji is aimed at untying those knots  eg if I was angry at someone, then bani told me that no one is my enemy.      So 99% of bani is doing the job of a psychologist – scientific way of untying your mental knots.    But your mind being tied into knots is due to maya,  and bani – the sound of God – when it is written down is part of maya too – temporary,. part of the world.)


But to free a psychologist, he will need me (God in the heart of a sant) as a doctor.  Because he is also lost on ‘panj dhoot’ (five thieves).  He will need a gurprasadi jyot, the gurprasadi naam, otherwise his life is hell too.  It is hell anyway.  Because he can’t control his thieves.  By listening to other peoples problems, psychiatrists and psychologist’s in the end become the patients themselves. Even they would need a living jyot, sant, sat guru, brahamgiani or a bhagat.


If I call God “kanjar” (Male Prostitute), I am also his “kanjari”(female prostitute) who spoke the Truth. (A lot of people doubted Baba Ji because he sometimes used crude language.   Baba Ji was trying to wake people up.  They have gone deaf to the scriptures that say God is the King of Kings.  So Baba Ji said the reverse, God is the Prostitute of Prostitutes.  That offended people but it made them stop and think.  But still most of them didn’t release that if you believe God is everything, if you believe the Gurus when they say see gold and dust as the same, then also realise that King of Kings and Prostitute of Prostitutes is the same too.)   But the pimps (priest class) who rob the others in the temples and what not religious places, became thugs and thieves in reality.
And when they were unravelled by the kirpa of Akal Purakh to show their other side, they are the one’s who took their own Guru to court for the sake of money.
H :  Its convenient for people to call Guru Granth Sahib Ji their Guru,  because that Guru doesn’t tell them off.  It doesn’t stop them from doing anything.  (Eg Guru Granth Sahib Ji  sits quietly while they steal from the money-box or run the Gurdwara system oppostite to the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.   Whereas  Gurdwaras run by Sants no one does anything that is not sanctioned by the Sant.  Its easy for general gurdwara sangat and committee members to keep saying Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our Guru, then to blatantly ignore the teachings.    Guru Granth Sahib Ji needs the Sant to point out to those people the error of their ways.)
Baba Ji : The khalsa is unravelled today; look at the air India crash, what’s coming out… Love affairs, robbing the charities and schools and credit unions created for the khalsa, they rob in the name of the Guru.  They used to bring Guru Granth Sahib Ji to do akhand path there, and then their deeds are of robbers and thugs.  First they rob the people, then they rob the sants.  Are they promoting sikhi or are they decreasing sikhi…?
Pride is the noose around the neck of a man.
He who has pride, he hangs himself by his bad deeds, he has actually done them a favour, you go out of sikhi and become a radhasoami.  They’ll be better off there I tell you.  To save the honour of a book and hurt a heart is a way of a thug, a crook and a demon.  To save the honour of any religion, all the religious books say, save the poor, the needy and the hurt, that is honour to GOD.
Selling ritualistic paaths, simrans and all that is degrading GOD.