Baba Ji : What is religion? Self realisation and conquering the ego self.  Only the one who done that has truly done religion.  The other religion is ritualism and symbolism is a waste of time, its the company of donkeys.   It’s a very simple thing : living in the past, you cannot enjoy the present.  Simple.
And religion is a robber of the present. Yet,  (at its best) it tells you the way to believe in the present.  But the problem is getting out of the thinking of the past relations and past Guru’s dominates you.  (Ed note : eg Sikhism at its best has Guru Granth Sahib Ji to  tell you that you need a Guru to give you naam.   But your parents and preachers tell you that no one except the ten forms of Guru Nanak can be called Guru.   So when a Saint Guru of your own time comes to meet you, to bless you, you reject them because you are living in the past.  Same way for Christians no one is or ever will  be as geat as Jesus, and for Muslims no one is or will ever be as great as Mohammed.   Causing all those relgious people to live in the past and to be blind to God in the living saint right here right now.  They forget that their Guru or prophet were right for their own time and place, but not for all time and all places.)
Because in the loop of infinity (cycle of reincarnation that the soul is endlessly going around in) , this mind is also upside down, heart is upside down.  That’s why what the eyes see, the brain fixes.  Otherwise the world is upside down.  (Our eyes put an upside down image onto our retina, our brains makes it the right way around).
You understand?  You must become right side up by meditating within the self.  Me and You (say to God in meditaion there’s only Me and You, nothing else matters).  Then it will happen.  You must get rid of all the animal behaviours, tendencies of steal and run, lie and cheat, deceit.   You must get out of “fight and flight” and anger.  That is pig living.  Get rid of this.  Its as simple as that.
Living your heart in the Truth and the moment and what God wants you to do today, is the greatest living of any religion.  Anything other than this what I’ve just said, is anti-religion.  Anti-God.


Become :
-the one who has earnt the Naam.
-the one who earnt the moment.
-the one who earnt the Truth.
– the one who loved God in Creation, who saw God in all things. 


Only that one has done the true religion, says bani.
Simple as that.