Baba Ji : You know what a religion should be?  Naam (connection to God’s Light inside yourself) , Zen (connection to God’s Light  in nature), with the living qualities of Christians (connection to God’s Light in all hearts by compassionate selfless service to others).
That will be a perfect living universe.
H : What does Zen believe in?  I don’t know much about them. 
Baba Ji : Zen is a total experience with nature part of GOD.  With life force.  Life force is GOD.  Sushmana is life force.  What do you think “brahmanday pinday”  is (the concept of  Universe and Body)?  Living in tune with the universe.   The moment you live with the Universe, the barriers of religion are broken right away.   Concentrate on that, don’t concentrate on religious books.
Man is standing because ‘Panj tath di deh’  (the body is composed of the 5 elements – air, water, earth, wind and fire).   But, the “panj doots” (5 thieves of anger, greed, attachment, lust and pride) are in control.  You cant live without them.  But in maya (worldy desires) they are causing you to fight with nature.   Be in harmany and respect with it, you’ll be the most healthy person, spiritually, mentally and physically.
That’s what Zen teaches.
What are you trying to do in “swaasaa dee maalaa”  (remembering God with each breath) ?  You are trying to do Zen.  (i.e. people do WAHE as the breath in, and GURU as they breathe out.  This becomes aggressive and forceful for many and they get bogged down with this technique.  Actually they need to be aware of God all around them n nature, in the air they are breathing as they remember His Name.  Should feel calm and peaceful and connected.)
What is Gurmukh (enlightened soul), Sat Sarovar (7 chakras / lakes of energy in the body),  Sat Sagar Nawe (bathing in the 7 oceans of energy)?  Zen.   (Meaning that these spritual expereinces inside the body are the attained by doing Zen, and mentioned in gurbani too because it is in every human being to experience these.)


O man, nature is your abode.  Fight nature – become depressed.  Live in nature – live in harmony.  A health farm is better than a religious place.  In a religious place, there’s hatred.  In the health farm is love.  At the moment of death, you do the real recitation of God.  While you’re living your cursing Him anyway by hatred to others.   That’s a curse.