H: My friend called last week and they organise Sikh youth camps.  I went to them in the early days.  There was a lot of inspiration, they did good kirtan.  I found that there is something special here in the sangat.  That was a good part of it.   Now the camps are carried on by the next generation. But, they were saying that it was getting boring doing the same old thing : youngsters come, they have fun for a week, they learn a little bit and then they go back home to become the same as they were before.
My friend was ineterested in doing a a camp about positive thinking, self help, all very popular things that are in the society at the moment.  He was saying that we should do a leadership course, this course, that course and get commitment, etc etc…
Baba Ji:  This wearing of blue clothes is not religion, it is brainwash.  You know they (baba ji’s critics) say “Baba ji does brainwash”.  I reply that  you are already brainwashed.  If you can’t wear anything other than four colours, you are bloody brainwashed already.  (Orthodox sikhs tend to wear blue, black, orange and white. Some are told at their initiation ceremony not to wear green or red either.)
The Guru’s talking about ‘shaatthee padharath’ (36 gifts, meaning all gifts of God).  They enjoyed every colour there was.  But you think they told you to wear just four colours? That is slavery in the name of religion.
You’re telling the GOD in you to wear four colours.
H: its just what ever you get programmed with, whatever group you end up with, they programme you in a certain way.
Baba Ji : You know what the bani says?  He who has earned the Naam, knows the religion, all else is Maya.
He who knows the Naam, will kick the bana (relgious uniform) away, says Baba Nanak.  Bana is a curse and a sickness, in the starting of the bani.   Do you think with bana Sikhi grew? Sikhi grew in numbers by the law of evolution  (people are born into the religion, not many have converted to it.)    But the Sikhi in humility  shrunk – it is dead.
What Sikhi are you looking at?  If you are in ego you are counting numbers.  (Eg 20-25 Million sikhs).  If you are a sant, you are looking at halimee (compassion), kirpa (kind grace) and charity is nothing. 
Only hunger? Only the langar charity? That is only a physical part of Maya.


Parupkar (selfless generous service) is for the (benefit of your) atma (soul).  No wonder they (Sikhs who give in charity but attach wants to it eg langar seva is done only for other Sikhs and has an ardas done by the giani asking for a worldly want to be fulfilled – its not selfless seva – its not parupkar), no wonder they don’t get Atam Rus (Soul Bliss – hihgest spiritual enjoyment).  They get Kanee Rus (Pleasure for the ears) in Rehnsbhaee kirtans (all night kirtan programmes)  Atam Rus has no hatred, has no caste, colour and creed.
Atam Rus has compassion for the One in everything.  You must be one drisht (see God in everything, see everything and everyone as ‘one’).
Only he will be “Brahmgiani atam rus cheena” …Only the BrahmGiani enjoys Atam Rus  (Guru Arjun Dev Ji).  Duality (not seeing Oneness, but seeing differences, doubting and being in two minds) cannot become Atam Rus.
Duality is (your awareness being) stuck in the ‘mind’.  Atam Rus is the heart. It is above the mind, not below the mind.
By slandering others (because you don’t see One God in them), how are you going to get Atam Rus?  It is Kanee Rus,  Shabad Kanee Rus (pleasure for the ears of singing the words).   But you don’t practice those words your hear, how are you going to get Atam Rus?
Bani is written to be the laws of the mind.
So what does the bani say? “eh man tu jyot saroop hai”…(O my mind your essence is Light).
You were born from light.  Become light.  How are you going to become Light?  By having hatred in the mind?  Hatred creates darkness, negativity.   Light is Gian (divine wisdom).  And Parupkar is Light.
Mai tai tu, tu tu karta tu, parupkar kartha mita hoya.
(Me and You Lord, You You my Creator Lord, doing parupkar I become sweeter and sweeter.)
Earning food for your family as you do is not the true kirth (work).
This is only the work for satisfying hunger and pleasure of the body.  There is only one true kirth on this earth and that is bandagi (loving naam) and earning Naam.
Nafrat tho Nirlep…..free of hate.
Jath Path tho nirlep…free of caste prejudices
Ooch neech tho nirlep….free of higher and lower status
That is the only true work on this Earth.
Naam bina sabh mithya hai….other than Naam , all is temporary.
And all the work that you do in this temporary world is only the maya part….(maintains your physical body and mind)
But, its not the atma (soul) part of work. 


Atma (soul) dwells in parupkar (generosity) only, in love.
So the kirth (work)  of the khalsa (Sikhs) so far is not right.  I gave an example of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, even his kirth was not right.  He stole some precious doors. (Those doors had originally been stolen from a Hindu temple and Maharaja Ranjit Singh stole them from the thieves.)  He fought and bought those doors to Amritsar and put them on Harmander Sahib (Golden Temple).  If the thieves stole and then you stole from them and put it in your Gurdwara, then you’re a thief yourself.
You are not a Raja anymore in your deeds.  You would’ve been a good Khalsa Raja if you had taken those doors and returned them to the Hindu religion, then you could’ve said that my Guru taught me IK DRISHT!!!! (seeing Hindu Temples and Sikh Temples and all places and people as one).
Sacha hirda, prem pyar.  (A true heart full of love for all equally).
No wonder there are thieves collected in Amritsar now, because the doors are still there. (Ed Note, we went recently and were pickpocketed while queuing up to bow.  There are pictures of thieves on the boards and warnings given to all visitors as soon as they step thru the doors).  That place cannot give peace.  The only kirth, true kirth (work) in this life, on this Earth, is if you merge into the Light “joyti joyt samai”.
The one who has earned the Naam.  Only he has done the true ‘kamai’ (work) says bani.  All other kamai’s (works) are false.


[Note :  Baba Ji was shown by God, that Maharaja Ranjit Singh was reborn again as poor man.]


You do kirth (work) but you don’t give daswanth (1/10 of your earnings) to the Gurdwara, your kirth is koti (false).  And that (savings) you give as an inheritance to your kids.  They stay kotey (false)!
Baba ji laughs!
And the generations stay koti koti koti (false false false!).
If you earn the Naam, that is the true kirth – that is being a saint.   There are Khalsa’s who did the true kirth.  But,
“Maya, Maya karath, janam gwaya”…just doing worldy works ones loses his life.
By just doing kirth in maya, you are just wasting your life.  Doing kirth of Naam, is for salvation, is for parupkar (generosity to others). 
Now you know the word “kirth” that bani is talking about. 
But what kirth do these khalsa (sikhs)’s talk about in the Gurudwara? (They tell that we have to work hard..dasaa naahaa dee kirth kamaaeee.  They say its Guru Nanak’s golden rule – kirth karo).
But what have you done for your soul?
Have you done a true deal with your soul?
Soul only lives on (the Great) soul, it is born from Truth, it is Truth!  Its fashion is Truth, its face is Truth, its hands are Truth, its feet are Truth, the food it eats is Truth, it lives on Truth.
Na Kawna Na Peeva Na sova…Soul doesn’t eat, drink or sleep.  (When you reach a state of mind like that, then you are merged in Truth). 
That is Truth.


Now you tell me how many Khalsa’s (real saints who’ve earnt naam) have you seen?
Have you got the guts today after listening to this to say, “I come from a Khalsa family?” Infront of this gian (wisdom) you  cannot.  Infront of this gyan you will say that “We are not khalsa, we are trying to be but we are proud to be ‘nikhaalas”, as the bani says.   (“pooran jyot jaga ghat meh tab khaalas, tahi nikhaalas janay….the one in whom the full blown light of god shines is Khalsa, all other are not Khalsa ..nikhaalas”. Guru Gobind Singh Ji.)
Now after saying that can you devour it and digest it?  If you can, at least you are a little bit bhagat (saintly), if you cant you are a kota (false).
And Asa-di-var (sikh morning prayer sung at Gurdwaras) has not made you karah (true) yet.
Because you have not solved Asa-di-var.  (Baba ji says that gurbani is a puzzle to be solved by the devotee.)   You have not earned Asa-di-var. (Baba ji says you have to earn the bani by putting it into practise.)  Listening to Asa-di-var over and over, gives you nothing but  momentary two hours of sangat.
But listen and understand what Asa-Di-Var is telling you to do! Unless you have a union with GOD, Asa-di-var in reality has not started in your life! 
(Baba ji laughs.)
How will the Jap Ji (Sikh morning prayer) become complete if you have no union with GOD?
You have a union with shabad (your ears listen to it and enjoy it),  but you have not got the union with God yet.  This (merely listeneing to the bani) is the outer skin of the religion.
Shabad Guru is the umbrella (that we are standing under with false pride), but you have not become it.  How can I call you a Khalsa?  Bani only calls the Brahmgiani a Khalsa, less than that, it is all Brahmin, only in a different uniform.  (Guru Gobind Singh ji said “As long as the Khalsa remains pure, I will give them all my light and blessings.  But the moment the Khalsa goes off track and follows the ways of the ritualistic religious priests (Brahmins) they will not be cherished by me”…jab lag khalsa rehaay niaaraa tab lag tej deho ma saraa.   Je ih karay bipran (brahmin) kee reet, in kee nahee parteet.)
You know what a true Khalsa is? Shall I tell you?  Do you really want to know?  He who kicks everything around him away and is in love with One God and person alike (Loves God in nature, in your own heart and in every heart – ik drisht – single vision – only sees the Oneness of God.)