Baba Ji : In artificial (city) life, you get more migraine’s, headaches and stress, more desires, more wants and needs.  So when you’re sick, mentally and physically, why do you think they take you to the recuperating ashrams and hospitals? They are built outside in the countryside.    When you go back into nature and touch a tree or you put your hand in a lake, or you take a dip in a river, you balance  (you inner energies). 
Why do you think a sarovar (lake) is built in Harmander Sahib (Golden Temple)?  To take away your negative forces when you go there, and take a dip.   The moment you put your hand in water, it’s a female (cool) energy.  So all the negativity of your body goes into water, you become shant (calm) and seetle (cool).    Then you go and take care of your hunger (have langar).  Hunger upsets the mind, over cooks the blood, but if the food is in the stomach, organs are busy and you calm down.
Now you’re satisfied.  You’re clean.  Your negative energy has left you through the water by coming in contact with the water.  Which also happens every day in your house when you come from work and take a shower, you feel great.
Your negativity is washed from inside.  The moment you touch water, you can feel and sense a part of negative strain is leaving your mind and body. 


When you touch your wife, you get haleemee (compassion) from her.  She is the compassionate one.  She has that ability and nature of a mother.  It’s a woman whose going to be your mother, sister, wife and daughter.   So what is the common denominator that attracts you to all these four?  The influence of moon.
Moon  is naree – female.  (Moon represents female, cool energy).
And why does she come to you (male)?  Because she is so humble and compassionate, she feels cold.  She needs fire.  “Nar” (male) is the fire.  Masculine energy.  When she comes to you, she gets warmth.   You go to her, you get cool.  The union takes place.
Opposites attract for that reason.  Same in electricity, same in human life.
At other times “like attracts like”.
When you are ‘pusoo birthi’ (your 5 thieves make you behave like a dangerous animal – steal and run, fight and flight, rape and murder etc) then even animals run away from you.  When you are a sant and you go into a jungle, they all come to you.  Why?  Because, that’s when they know that now you’re an animal like them (only kills for NEED for food, never out of cruelty or for satisfying desires of taste or violence) and not an animal that kills them.
Baba ji laughs!!          
You’re a sant.
Like attracts like.


You have to learn all this gyan (divine knowledge).  It is there in the bani but nobody goes that far (to really understand what gurbani is saying).
Because the committees don’t let you, the crude ego driven leaders for the sake of Maya, pride, for their name in society. 
In the name of religion they lie, even when reading bani (verses), listening to katha’s (relgious talks) and giving degh (sweet food).
Then they go home and eat their own kids by giving them orders.
Hukam (order) should be the Guru’s.
If five people in a house have taken amrit (sikh initiation) why is the father and mother giving the hukam to their sons and daughters?
If five of them have taken amrit and are keeping a Guru as a guide, they shouldn’t be listening to each other.
None should be dominating the other.  If they live like that, it will be Sachkhand living in your house, try it for one month.
Try it for a month, all will be happy.
This is what we were doing in the sangat here, nobody gives a hukam to nobody.
I never gave a hukam to anybody, never will.
That is ignorance.
I tell people that truth is the hukam, this hukam is atal (unshakeable).
This hukam is the only seed that is sown, will ferment in the realm of truth and live forever.
Do truth. Whatever it is.
All day.
You do the absolute karni of truth, you will come and tell me that my house is full of amrit, all I see is angels.
All I listen is bani without the radio on.
Its coming through the walls.
Its coming through the wind.


I don’t ask for anything, I have sangat.
Baba ji has taught us that do not ask for anything, everything is
happening by itself.
H: I really wish my mum and dad would listen to this and take it
on board.
Don’t blame them, their time will come, you follow it diligently, when you
will change, everybody is attracted to change.


Don’t control your kids,
If you become a loving heart, you don’t even have to say the word "love" to your kids, they will sense it.  
They will feel it by the play of atoms and quarks, neurons and protons, going from one body to the other, from plant to the human, from human to the animal.
Everything is linked, your eyes cannot see it, but your mind does and your heart does.
So don’t live your mind.
All the teachings of all the religions, the highest wisdom is : Take the mind out of your heart, let the heart live and mind die.
Which mind die?  Man-matti (worldy wisdom)
Its very simple.
Five children are playing, do they ever fight?  (They have play fights, but nothing serious, not like adults who stop talking to each other and try and kill each other.)
If the five adults of the family would play just like children for a week, the whole house will be heaven.
If one willingly over extends himself or herself to serve the other regardless of status in the family, you’ll become one drisht (single vision).
H: Feels like we’re winning.
Baba Ji: you will.
H:  before I used to live away in Southall, will come back on weekends, all week I would have sangat of gurmukh’s in Southall and he helped me a lot and at the weekend go back to Luton, then mum and dad will be so worried about my marriage, saying you wear a bana and you do this and that, how are we going to get you married.  So all weekend they would wind me up, then spend my whole week going to the Gurudwara to wash myself up and then next the same.  Now God wanted us to move away from all the sangat and everything, I was missing it in the first few years when we moved, I’d tried to re-create it.
That’s is only a habitual habit, one going to the drug store, one going to the liquor store, one going to the Guruwara.
Its a habitual habit.
It is something where you go out of yourself; the guy gets drunk to go out of himself to find that piece.
Then he gets back and says ‘wow’ I got a hang over.
The same way, you go to gurudwara, to forget the self, but we leave that self in the parking line, and the moment we return we pick it up again, that is the worse part.
If you just kick it good for once, then you will become a walking gurudwara.
H: Gurmukh ji in Southall gave a similar example; he gave an example of an elephant.  You can clean an elephant with water, and what does he go and do, he goes and gets the dust and throws it back over himself.  He also gave an example of a sofa; while your sitting on the sofa it changes, as soon as you get up, it will come back to normal.
That’s why; ‘bandh bandh kaat, agnee vich saree.  Vich smadee bayth’. … meaning sit in smadee (deep meditation), burn your body.  Then just watch your egoistic body, we are attached to this body and pleasure of the body by taste and senses.
Burn it once, see your own effigy burning in deep meditation, then ego will start to go.
You might have to do this process for a whole year, maybe two years, three years, depends on how thick the wall of ego is within your self.
We all know how thick it is, somebody says anything and you bust out in reply, its very thick.
The more the patience, it is very thin then.
If you can’t stand anybody, its very thick.  Its bigger than your head.