H : You know we think that we know something, but the truth is that we don’t know anything, we just run around confused.  We live in a dark room, we go this way, we go that way.  In Guru Nanak Dev jee’s bani it says that Naam is my walking stick, like a blind man’s walking stick, that’s my cane.
Baba Ji: Naam is a walking stick is still an explanation.  The walking stick was actually in Nanak’s heart.  Naam in the heart is the true walking stick.  That’s breaks all illusions.  So what are you fearful of?  Go live your heart out.
H :  Everything is in doing seva, especially in the family.  Before I used to run away from them, now I just enjoy it, because its not them, its my my ego, my anger that gets activated by them.  That’s MY dhoots (thieves), MY problem, that is what I have to win over.
Baba Ji : What do they say in a good story?  “Wanna play with a child, become a child.”
H:  Its true.  Even looking at the children at home, to talk to a two year old, you become a two year old, otherwise they wont understand you.
Baba Ji : What does the bani tell you to do when you go to the Gurudwara?  “andaro pola, baro seyana” (innocent inside, and wise in the world).   What does “pola” mean? Child-like innocence.
What does the bani say next?  What will make you innocent?   That when you go to meet a saint, leave your wisdom at home.
How many people go to the Gurudwara and bow before Guru Granth Sahib Ji and leave their matt (self-centred thinking) in their home?  Nobody.  If they had left their matt in their home, then while listening to Asa-Di-Var (morning singing), they wouldn’t be picking out the mistakes in the Kirtanee’s and the Katha people.
Their matt is very existent there (when the are criticising everyone and everything in the Gurdwara).  And then they say that ‘jo kirtan hoonda, kal yug nai hoonda’ (whilst kirtan is being sung, kalygu [the age of darkness / maya ] is not near). Another lie!
Even whilst kirtan is there, all the sangat is engrossed in the five thieves, so kalyug is sitting right there!!  Man hor-mukh hor (they say one thing but think the opposite – hypocrites), kalyug is sitting there!  Kalyug never left the Gurudwara! They lie!
You have the kirtan singing and you have the committees fighting in another room!  Kalyug is sitting right there!  The sewak’s (initiated sikhs) do their seva (service) but slander the non amritdharies, Kal yug is sitting there!  (Once G ji and her husband were washing up dishes at the gurdwara, and an sewak in sikh uniform told them off because they had cut hair.  It happens all the time, amritdharees are always jusding others at the Gurdwara for wearnig makeup, earings, having short hair, not being religious enough etc etc).
That’s why they (initaited sikhs) are all crying and doing ardas 24 hours a day and seven days a week and 365 days a year.  They are busy in ardas only (not naam simran) why?  Because with every ‘ann da dana’ [grain they donate for langar] they attach their wants.  Then you make your langar with that and it is served to all.  As you eat it, the fire (of the offerers desires) burns in you!
As soon as you eat it, the fire burns inside you and your face blackens. They (people who eat langar) then don’t have patience to stand in the Gurudwara and they run home!!
H : Even Jesus, when he preached, he was 30, preached till 33, only 3 years and then within another 2/3 years, they killed his disciples, one of them crucified upside down and now its one of the biggest religions.  Truth is truth, at the time people don’t accept it, then after they speak about it.
H : Why did God make bhagati so hard then?  They must be so few soul in every generation that get out.  Like only one or two bubbles come out of the water.
Why did he make bhagati so hard?  Mukti to earn, you have to become exact like him, nirbau, nirvar. Because ‘dukh daroo hai’, ‘suk rog hai’.  The greatest wisdom, poems and art came out of ghetto’s of Hitler.  In pain comes wisdom.
H :  Even Michelangelo, there was a program about him and he also went through extreme pain when creating his art.
Dukh daroo hai, the true song of love comes out, the true paintings of GOD consciousness come out, the true creation takes birth from pain.
(In the beginning when God created the separated souls from Himself) GOD cried for the nightingale (saint soul), in separation and when the nightingale sung the song ‘tuhee tuhee – You Lord, only You)’, God got the greatest joy.  God was goonga (deaf – mute i.e. HE doesn’t come into the physical Creation although He is permeating every bit of it).  So the, nightingale (saint soul) gave the tongue to God (to sing and speak in the physical world).  Bhagati was created by bhagats, the nightingales of today, their signature is extreme love.  Extreme compassion, they are crucified while in bhagati, the body crucifixion is a joy.  The person who is dead from within (jivan mukat ..already killed their ego when they become a saint), what glory are you going to give by killing him? He has already glorified GOD by obeying His law.  By killing his body, you are crucifying yourself in countless rebirths for the punishment you will suffer.  (slandering a saint ..read sukhmani sahib about what happens to that person)
And then again, the day will come when the same nightingale will be brahmgyani again on theis Earth and your soul will meet him again and he will forgive you to take you further in sprituality, otherwise you will not progress to God.    (sukhmani says only the saint you slander/kill can forgive you, so you may have to wait many lifetimes until you meet again to make up for it).
Such is the game of GOD.