I invited a challenge from anybody to prove what is written here is wrong, it is not.  Every article that has been written, challenge it.  Prove it is wrong.
H : I have never actually read any email written by anyone challenging what’s written, the gyan.
There isn’t none.  I invited philosophers like Kishora Singh and everybody else to challenge it.  We sent copies to even Professor Chahal.  They all have copies now, why do you think they are talking now.   After the learned people of Sikhi had a meeting, they printed in the papers “ Don’t believe in the Hukam Nama’s of Akal Takhat, they are all fraud.”  Its already news in India.  


(Ed Note:  In Sikhism, the leaders gather at Akal Takhat (opposite Golden Temple) to pass decisions on various things.  Eg in the past they have excommunicated certain people.  Or the most controversial one recently was by ex-Jathedar Ranjit Singh banning the use of tables and chairs in the langar.   This caused a lot of infighting amongst Sikhs especially in Canada.  These orders given by the Akal Takhat leaders are called “Hukam Namas” and Sikhs are supposed to obey them.  But if the leaders are not one with God, then how can what they say be called a divine Hukam .. command of God?)
H : why did they say that?
Because those Hukam Namas are man made.  The stuff they say is not written in the bani.
Looking back at history, Mahants (sikh priests running Golden Temple) closed the doors of Harmander sahib on Guru Tegh Bahadur ji (so within the lifetime of 5 Gurus, the holiest of holy places the Golden Temple had got overrun by corrupt Sikh priest).  The tenth (Guru Gobind Singh) never came there – they have already been cursed!
I challenged them, to prove in what part of Bani, is there the ‘Hukam Nama to do this and that (eg  sitting on the floor to eat langar?  Excommunicating certain Sikhs, issuing punishments for other people?).
Tell me, out of all these Akali (Sikh political party) leaders, Jathedars (Sikh Leaders), relgious singers – who’s a Brahmgiani (one with god as described in Sukhmani Sahib)?
Tell me where in SGGS (Guru Granth) is it written, that if you do this then you’ll get such and such punishment? There isn’t, this (Guru Granth Sahib) is the house of Daya (compassion).   Punishing and excommunicating and other religious edicts issued by Akal Takhat leaders nowadays are all man made laws (not divine laws, not Gods Hukam Namas).