They (Baba Ji’s critics) say that Baba ji says "I did it"  (they accuse Baba Ji of being an ego-maniac, a self-proclaimed Guru).  They think that my "I" is like their "I".
They forget that we are the thirsty ones (meaning that Baba Ji is one of those blessed souls thirsty for God, unlike most people who are hungry for maya only).  This "I" is SatNaam talking (through Baba Ji, as ego doesn’t remain and only Supreme Light shines), not the "I" that is Haumai (ego).  
This is where they go wrong when listening to me.
H : Even in Gurbani, ‘mera’ (mine), ‘mai’ (me), ‘hau’ (I) is used.  This used to confuse me as well.  Why are the saints referring to me, mine, I when that is what we are supposed to have conquored – the sense of self?
That  me and mine is SatNaam.  It has no vengeance.  The ones who do “mera mera” – “mine mine” (grabbing selfish attitude) put vengeance in it, put  Nindya (slander) in it – that’s the difference.    If we had ego inside us, how would we tolerate your slander? Ego cannot tolerate being slandered.  
 If I tolerated you it means that I have no ego.  (Baba Ji, like all saints do not have ego that feels flattered when they are praised or deflated when they are slandered.  There is no ego to get offended and no anger that gets aroused.  Only Love and Compassion for friend and foe.)
H : When we have ego, we get all defensive. 
Having ego inside you, you cannot tolerate someone slandering you. 
(Baba ji talking about the attack that happened against the sangat at their house by the narrow minded religious people.)
They could not tolerate Truth.  They bust into my house to steal my belongings.  Who has ego then?  They do.  The slanderer has the ego.  If you slander me and I have tolerated the slandering – I am Gurmukh, I have Amrit (Immortal God Cosmic Energy) in me.  I have the real strength.   I have humility in me.
Humility can absorb a bullet. Pride cannot.
The bullet of Truth. 
That’s what these (fake) Khalsa (looking good on the outside full of religious pride on the inside) could not absorb, when we delivered Truth.
Truth is a bullet that only kills ego.  Not the person. 
So whatever I said was absolute truth – I have no guilt.