So who’s going to have guilt? The ones who came to me, took everything I had (were blessed with the only thing a sant has – the gurprasadi naam), then became slanderers.  Became wise and clever and slandered me.
They will have guilt. I don’t.
The deliverer of Naam has no guilt, if he did, he wont have the Naam.
The receiver of the Naam, who slanders his own Guru and Sant has ego and evil in him.  That is the sign of slandering.
So who’s the cursed one? The Guru who gave the Naam or the slanderer in God’s court at this moment?
One is slandering, the other is absorbing it and can tolerate it.  Tolerating the other is the attribute of GOD.
Slandering is the enemy of GOD.
So who got prosecuted? They came to drown us, got drowned themselves.
"Eh machli, jal nazar naei aya" – oh you fish; you could not see the net coming!
In your pride you forget the game of “Me and You”.  You forgot the Tu-Tu You-You part (seeing God in everything and everyone) and saw only the Me-Me (selfish) part.
(Baba Ji laughs) .
See how simple, yet sharper than a two edged sword.
Words can break the sword in half. 
They think by robbing the house, they have robbed my bhagati away.  They think that by stopping me, by killing me they will do glory to GOD.   Glory to GOD is parupkar (selfless service),  not killing.
This is where religions go wrong. 
If your going to kill somebody, kill them by parupkar, you will never do wrong.   If you kill them by the sword, your deed is gone wrong, you have just killed what you are trying to find.  (Killed the living heart temple where God resides, in the name of God!)
(Baba Ji laughs) .
"Eko jyot, sabh hirdai mai . . . One Light in many hearts."  How can you forget that?