You are actually going to the Temple to commit suicide – to kill the self.  Scripture says “I want your head”.  But no one wants to give their own head nowadays.  It actually means to kill their ego.    But they take initiation , stick out their chest, and their ego becomes super-ego.  Does anyone take initiation and say, “Now I will only follow what the scriptures say and I will help the poor.”?  Only those ones become the saints.  Everyone else becomes donkeys.   Religious leaders have problems in their own families and Temples due to promotion of past beliefs.  But due to addiction of traditions, they are not updating it for the people today.  They are killing themselves on the sword of ego.
It is very easy for a normal person to kill ego, but very hard for a so-called religious person.
Very innocent people experienced God within a few months in my sangat.  They had no religious knowledge.  But you have to now defeat what you have learnt yourself … you have to unload cartloads of religious books (‘par par gadi ladhiaa’…guru nanak dev ji)