If hukam (command of God expereinced via your intuition) comes to leave the house then leave right that moment.  Recognise the inner command God gives you.  If you leave and your house burns down due to you leaving then let it burn  (Eg Guru Nanak Dev Ji got the inner Hukam and left his wife, young kids and parents.  He was the only son and it burned their attachment when he left, but he didn’t look back.)   That is the love you need to obey the hukam and to kill the ego.


Always be in service.  Don’t think “I’ve got the Naam now, I am someone.”  Don’t try and be bigger than your sant.  Just see God everywhere.  See God in a pebble , see God in Sant and everywhere.  Don’t get cleverness, otherwise you will be traitor to your sant sooner or later.


Bhagat Dhanna’s Guru joked and said “You can find God in the rock.”  Dhanna was serious and loved God in that rock so much, he spiritually sculpted God out of it.  Dhanna Ji also had no grudges against his Guru, and saved him as well.


I had that same love for God and didn’t hesitate in showing it, by doing unlimited seva and dancing my heart out.  I was a monkey, a fool in love. The educated ones slandered me.


While the sangat bowed to the scriptures, I was turned around by God with back to the scriptures and bowed to each pair of feet.   That’s how I became “Dassan Das” (servant of God’s servants, by bowing to each pair of feet that were bowing to the scriptures).  I saw God, scriptures and Sangat as one.