The Scripture is a puzzle, but it also gives you the answers.  Eg some religious traditions say, “Don’t eat meat.” But if your destiny says, “You are going to kill 4 dogs.”  Then it causes duality in your mind.    If you read God’s words but don’t work out what it means then it’s a waste.  Instead of trying to understand scriptuers, people just follow traditions. – eg the Guru’s did this so we’ll do it as well.    (It becomes superstitions for future generations – no one knows why they are doing certain religious rituals).

The one who destroys superstitions is known as the Satguru.


(Gurprasad bharam ka naas….by Gru’s grace illusions are destroyed.  Guru Arjun Dev Ji).


For example, nature has a drought so everyone starts praying, chanting mantras and requesting God for rain.  But God already knows what is in every heart.  So many people have to die, so many have to be born.  Something has to be green, somewhere else has to be in drought.  God has to balance everything – the trikuti.   It rains and people think their prayers did it – its illusion – it was going to rain ANYWAY!  You cant endure a little drought so you start praying to fulfill your desires – that is illusion.  Your whole life is a drought when you are in ego.  Drought for your soul.  You keep praying and requesting God for something, but it will come to you at the right time and place.  However, people don’t have the patience to WAIT for what God wants to give them.  Everybody is caught in that,  thinking their prayers and mantras are getting things done. It is illusion – shattering that is the first priority. 


Only that happens that God wants to happen.  You thinking your religious efforts made it happen in illusion, shatter that illusion.  Only the one who has no hope for heaven or hell, only that one lives in Gods will.  And the one who does naam simran like that asks for nothing. What should they ask for when they have everything – they have God?


If they do ask like Bhagat Dhanna ji did in gurbani ‘I ask for good wife, good horse etc’ then that is beginning stage of bhagati when Dhanna ji got God’s command to do bhagati, he started worrying about how he would eat and live?  So that’s why he asked for all those things so that he could have some stability and do bhagati.  Meaning you cant do bhagati if you are starving.  Point being he was only asking for those things in order to be able to do bhagati  He wasn’t asking for worldly things to satisfy his own selfish desires as most people do when doing prayers at temples.  Their ardas is never for bhagati.  


However at the highest stage of bhagati, you say, “I do not care to sleep, eat or drink.”  That is the soul speaking, your are at the 5th Khand – Sach Khand, your soul is speaking.  Your soul doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat or drink.  its only your body that asks for food, drink and sleep.


For example, an Indian Fakir who doesn’t eat or drink came on the news recently and was  scientifically obeserved for 10 days.  The Fakir said he had got the blessing of his goddess and dresses like her.  However he is dedicated to the goddess and not to PARBRAHM the SUPREME LORD.  The one who is dedicated to PARBRAHM says ‘All that I am is due to myself’ meaning whatever is happeneing to me is because I am paying the dues for my past deeds.