Become a bhagat.  Once you get naam become desireless and wishless.  Attach yourself to nothing and you’ll become nothing.  Do the hukam (God’s command) and nothing else.  Do your job – that is hukam for you.  And the day you are sick means the hukam is to have a day off.  Put hukam first then your ‘mine and yours’ is finished.  When you work because its hukam you wont get tired.  When you say, “I am working.”  Then you get tired.  Do what God wants you to, don’t glorify yourself for doing it eg don’t even get ego of I did overtime


Have normal conversations, but talk wisdom.  Live a normal life, but atune yourself to Truth.
Enjoy everything that comes your way, and don’t attach yourself to what goes away.  Don’t remember dead friends, family , ancestoris or past saints.  That’s addiction to the past which wont let you live freely.  Live the hukam that comes to you.