The greatest thing God has created is that without his HUKAM (command) humility does not come. 
Without His grace even initiation and religious ceremonies are just a fan fair of the world.   Your pre-ordained destiny means God Himself gives you grace, and your mind will be transformed.  The moment you hear the inner comand of God you detest ALL your old habits and thoughts.  After that never look back.

I had friends I couldn’t live without.  Once I had the hukam (command from God to serve Him), I left the world and did bhagati.  Service to others is service to self.  Giving peace to others is giving peace to yourself.  True selfless service will make you into a laughing Buddha. Why are the people doing charity work not laughing then?  Because ego is still there – still not true selfless seva.  Laughter is your gift from God. The heart that is not laughing cannot love others.