No other person (family or priest or ritual) can take your soul anywhere.  Ritual readings of scriptures cant take you anywhere.   God is not ritual , or colour, or form or uniform.  Wearing religious uniform and still asking for pleasure for yourself and family will not take you anywhere.  God is pure spirit beyond time place and space.  Your mind is beyond time, space and place, that’s why you don’t know where it is in your body.  Only your body is enjoying tastes and pleasure the spirit has no mouth, no eye no tail.  How does it see itself? Through the loop of infinity (busting through the third eye – the trikuti), only in human life can the spirit find itself.


Where else is God in this body?  Only in spontaneous action – that is pure Parbrahm.  Keep going, kill your SELF in meditation," I am nothing everything is YOU YOU"


“ma kuch nahee, ma ho nahee, sabh kich tohee too"
I am nothing, I will be nothing, everything is YOU only YOU.


Do it meditation, practise it during the day and then you will do it in the dream too.  If you forget it in the day you will be lost in the dream you must make the dream and this waking  make it ABSOLUTE reality.  What you experience is yours to keep, and no one elses.


By reading others’s successes reading scriptures, doesn’t make you a success.  Each person has to sacrifice their sleep, do their own bhagati, earn their own keep and beat their own five thieves.