Some Sikhs follow a very strict regime of only wearing all-iron kirpans and karas.   The only eat food out of all-iron utensils, they cook in all-iron pots and pans, they store their food in all-iron utensils.  One of these Sikhs showed me his palms and nails with pride, they were black and cracked, he smiled with pride "that’s what happens when you wash all-iron utensils – you can always recognise another sarab-lohi singh!"   Even at the Gurdwara I have seen some of these Sikhs refuse to take prashad and refuse to eat the langar because it wasn’t made and served from all-iron utensils.  

How is it the wisdom of the great Guru’s that told us the futility of  eating rituals, is now doing the same thing?  The Guru’s condemned the Brahmins for preparing and eating their food separately from others, making themselves out to be higher and purer.    Yet isn’t this exactly the same thing that is happening to these Sikhs who follow the all-iron regime?     So how where did this extremely unusual practise come from?    They quote their religious mentors from the past and even  going back to Guru Gobind Singh Ji who even wrote a small scripture called "Sarab Loh Granth" – the scripture of All-Iron.    Is this what Guru Gobind Singh ji meant by "Sarab Loh" All –Iron?

Baba Ji received the following wisdom from SatNaam regarding SarabLoh.   Read on:-

Eating out of iron utensils adds iron to food (that is the practical advantage of it at times when Sikhs needed more iron in their diet and is why Guru Gobind Singh ji recommended it to his soldiers at that time.)   But the Sarab Loh of Guru Gobind Singh ji is not referring to an iron utensil and a strict regime.  The Sarab Loh of Guru Gobind Singh ji is where one is impregnated with the Divine Spirit – pure like iron through and through.     The Sarab Loh of Guru Gobind Singh ji is when God puts you into doing His bhagati, to become pure like All-Iron by being lovingly devoted to Him and doing absolutely no gossiping and slander of anyone or anything.     Such an Sarab-Lohi person sees all as human beings without discrimination, because that person has killed their own ego, not by killing others.

In the Sarab Loh Darbar, the Divine Court of the All-Iron God i.e Pure Divine Spirit, only Brahm Gianis reside.   Only those enlightened pure divine souls are invited there.

Only they are impregnated with the Divine Spirit – the Sarab Loh, only compassion and humility (nimratha), and constant attitude of poverty (gareebee) resides in their heart – that is Sarab Loh Darbar.  

The one who prays to God like this is invited to God’s court – Sarab Loh darbar, and that is where God in humility prays to the Brahm Giani – his most precious son.   Only Atam Rus (Soul Bliss / Enjoyment of God within) is Sarab Loh (experiencing pure Divine Spirit).  Only "Ik man Ik chit" (Conquored the mind by making it one mind one focus) is is Sarab Loh (experiencing pure Divine Spirit).

Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit) has no hatred, it only sees One God, it is extremely generous and kind.  Only the Brahmgiani is Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit).  Less than that there is no Sarab Lohi person.   Having vision of Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit) is seeing God’s Court, Darbar.  

(Baba Ji laughs with love as God gives him divine bliss when the divine wisdom comes)

The moment the ones practising the regime of what they call Sarab Loh read this, they should feel stripped naked (as their eating regime is based on shallow beliefs).   Only the person who earns what is written in Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji becomes Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit) , and that only happens by God’s Grace – it’s all Gurprasadi.

Become the spirit that cannot be tormented or defeated, become dead whilst alive (jeevan mukt) that is what is demanded to become Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit)  and not strict religious eating, cooking and dressing habits.    And that Sarab Lohi person , the pure divine spirit has his own love story to tell the world.   He who has conquored the self and broken all the illusions (including religious ones) is Sarab Lohi.  Hatred for none, compassion for all, that is a Sarab Loh heart.   And it is all Gurprasadi – by God’s Grace only.   The Sarab Lohi heart must become Guru, because that Pure Divine Spirit is God in His heart , and that Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit) is known only by one word – SAT NAAM – the jewel encasing the heart.

So become Sarab Lohi by follow your Guru’s wisdom diligently by sacrificing all of your mind, body and wealth.

Tan man dhan sabh saup gur kau , hukam munneaa paaiyaa.

Guru Amar Das Ji.

The All-Pervading Lord is my Protector.

The Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit) is my Protector.

The All-Destroying Lord is my Protector.

The Sarab Loh (Pure Divine Spirit) is ever my Protector.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Akal Ustat.