Sada Satnaam

What we sow, we reap. This is a clear cut rule of God and his
universe. Acts of compassion invoke acts of compassion in others,
just as acts of hate and destruction invoke similar reactions in
return. The pendulum constantly swings between self proclamation and
inhumane acts – the creative and the destructive. Both these
qualities are beneath the preservative quality of God – He is the
peak of this triangle, it is this peak that we should be aiming to
reach. If we are still caught in creation and destruction then we
are still very much at the bottom of this mountain.

The destructive acts committed in London last week are said to be in
the name of "Allah" by those responsible – we reap what we sow, if we
sow a destructive act that kills humanity then what kind of "Allah"
should we expect to meet on the other side? This rule of the Divine
says that we should expect to meet anger and destruction on the other
side – hell is all that we can expect to see on the other side. We
CREATE identities for OURSELVES and then proclaim to be something
that we are not (for we are all TRUE LOVE) and we use this false
identity to CREATE respect for OURSELVES and then instruct others to
DESTROY those that do not conform to OUR way – this is an example of
how the pendulum swings between these two forces.

We must bring ourselves to stillness, to calmness for us to TRULY
ascend to GOD consciousness. The only religion in this world is the
religion of love – everything else, be it religion itself, religious
garbs, rituals or religious texts are all praise of love but NOT LOVE
itself. The time has come to become LOVE/TRUTH, ‘isms’ have become
identities of the self – we must start to identify with ABSOLUTE LOVE
and ABSOLUTE TRUTH. We are being controlled by fear, fear of
another’s way, fear of another’s anger, fear of our own anger/greed –
both the oppressors and the oppressed are walking in fear. The inner
God is calling everyday for us to WALK IN LOVE hand in hand – this
power is the POWER OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH, fear is a stranger in this
power and it is squashed by this power.

So let us take a dive into the deep blue ocean of LOVE WITHIN US ALL
and let the ripples reach out to all that we come into contact with –
for once let us not pay allegiance to the worldly institutions to
which we think we belong for what we REALLY belong to is TRUE LOVE.
In this LOVE there are no ‘sides’ to take, there is only ONE side
that we could sit on. So the next time we see what appears to be a
fanatic sitting on the bus or on the train – let us smile at them and
send them ripples of TRUE LOVE, for they too are His children that
need to reconnect to their internal eternal ocean of True Love.

Truth will set you free. TRUTH will set you free.

This article has been written with beyant GurPrasaad of GUR, SATGUR.