Once the Gyan has been said (delivered) it then becomes a poison.  Now I rather be quiet.

I have said everything.  The moment the bhagat says "I wana be quite", new gyan takes birth, wisdom never stops once it starts to come.   Then you don’t need knowledge for it either.

Knowledge is Maya, wisdom is translucent than Maya.  Only the person gets it, knows it.

But the one sitting next to me will only know it if I say it.

But the moment I say it, it is sour now.

So the bani was great amrit, the bhagats were delivering it, when it got written, it became sower.

It became so sower, the chela’s stop listening to the Guru.

You have examples, where khalsa’s have been stealing bani from others and Guru’s saying you are wrong.

And they are still wrong.

H: don’t you feel sometimes that the rest of the world haven’t got the religious background, the majority of the people aren’t religious, but they are all dukhi and looking for something.

If they were religious, religious and righteous, remember these are two different things.  They religious in ritualism and symbolism, they are not religious in deeds.

H: Don’t you feel we should just forget these religious people…they are so stubborn in their own ways.

That’s what is happening now.  Normal people are doing charity works, there are 14 or 15 early teenage, some are not even teenage yet, high evolved souls in America today, that are running charities.   They are not saints, but their deeds from the past and they will become saints if they keep it up.

8 or 9 year sold have opened charities for other kids in the third world countries.  The guy who started the education for third world countries for kids, he’s not even 15 and he started when he was 8 or 9.

They will become saints.

H: their sat karams will keep on building up and eventually lead them to Gurprasad.

Why is it happening at the age of 8? Because of their past good deeds, not that they learned in this age…no no, it is written upon your forehead, so it has to be the past.

Oprah Winfrey on the Talk show is doing not for money now, she is doing for others, she keeps it up, she’ll be the mother teresa of the communication in help through word, shabad, gyan, TV show.

She a philanthropist of millions and billions of dollars, all her shows are dedicated for the soul, nothing else.

The hurt and the injured, she’s dhan dhan.  She Mahatma Ghandi, she’s Oprah Winfrey.

Mahatma Ghandi was not wrong, sikh’s declare him wrong, the sikh’s are wrong.

Whatever he did he did for all religions, whatever he did, he did beyond religion, beyond religion is a sant.

In religion is a ahankar.

Mahatma Ghandi left his life and lived for others, he was a lawyer, he gave up his riches, education and such.   Why would he not be a parupkari.

He’s Dhan Dhan.

Sikh’s who say otherwise, they are wrong.

H: now he’s become a symbol for everyone around the world, a peaceful way to resolve, a parupkar way to resolve problems.   There was Doctor, he his name was Dr Ambedkar, he wrote the Indian constitution.

Dr Ambedkar, he was a chimmar, and he urged the sikh’s of his time to bring his group into Sikhism, to give them same honour in marriage, which the bani dictates, he asked for it, our leaders denied it, so he became a Buddhist.   His work is ten times greater than all Akali leaders.

H: Millions of people stood up with him and all became Buddhists.  The leaders at that time were scared, he was so powerful that he could run the religion, that he could take over.

If they had left him come in, Sikhism would folded and creased by now.

You know who’s a puran khalsa?  Without the beard but in ghuns? Buddhists.

They are karni puran khalsa.

Compassion is there, amrit and deed.  I bow to them.  They are keeping alive for 25 hundred years. The jewel in the lotus.   Why do you think they are called Nanak Lama, he came from them.  Where do you think sikhi came from? Jewel in the lotus.

No religion is greater than the other, only the younger one’s are more modified than the past ones.

Evolution and revolution law of divinity.

One said it one way, the other said it the modified way, and I said it more modified than the last 500 years of sikhi.   What was hidden, I produced it and delivered it.

H: that’s what I love about this sangat and coming to meet you baba jee and all the sant sangat jee.  For me its like what I have been reading for years and years and years in history books and with akaal purakh’s kirpa I can live this now.

If everybody knew the true sikhi, it is like a child in your heart, that’s all.

H: Rang vich hasai, rang vich roi

That’s a definition of a child.

Ha ha ha ha.

H:  when a was in one of the e-groups, my friend wrote an e-mail and he mention about his grandfather and when his grandfather was young   and got in the state of anand and when he was older, he lost it somehow and he met someone after a long time and that man said to him "oh you were the one who was mad, you used to this and that, the most crazy things" and his grandfather said to him, I’ll do anything to be like that again, I’ll do anything to be like that mad person again.

All was enclosed in his heart, all he had to do was open his heart.

What is the reliever if stress? In today’s society they have cultures, they have groups, that help the CEO’s of companies to go to TAO missions and Zen places.  And that do they make them do the first thing they go there? They give them pillows to do pillow fights. 

Here you see presidents of companies playing like children.

H: being free again.

Right, afterwards they are relieved. 

H: Micheal Jackson is Dhan Dhan.

Off course, he is great.

H: I thank God so much, with children, they make you free again.  I look at my mum and dad, even my wife and myself, look at how stressed we have become, we look at children and say "we were like that once", what have we become.

Ego has eaten you, that’s all.

What eats a child, ego of his own mind.

Child goes back, maya’s face come forward, kill the maya face, God face come forward.


Just twist, from inside of you. Mai tai tu.

H: the joy of life on a poster. Ha ha ha.

H: even when I was in sikhi, doing parchar, I only did parchar with children and even when I was wearing a bana, I never imposed anything on them, they came, we sung kirtan, we sung mool mantra, satnaam waheguru, encouraged them, I used to get so much anand from that, more than the gurudwara.

You will always get anand from others, when you are doing any service to others.

It is a greater joy in giving a gift, why? Because you are giving your heart to others, you are sharing your wealth with others and why it is not as good as receiving? Because the one who is receiving, if he was humble, he would have the same joy in receiving as in giving.   The problem is, he is not humble enough and as it is equal.

It is equal, if it is a joy in giving, it should be a joy in receiving.

Why you don’t get it, because you received before you killed yourself.

I get joy from both ends.

It goes from here and it goes there, both ends.