H:  There was a programme on TV about Jesus’ secret family.  Not about him being married or not, but about his brother and his first followers being from his extended family.  Jesus had an older brother James who carried on the teachings of Jesus for many years after his crucifixion. And Jesus himself was blessed by John the Baptist.  Like Guru Nanak Dev Ji blessed Guru Angad Dev Ji.    Many Jewish people still see John and Jesus as the same.  Rather than as in modern Christianty where Jesus is seen as greater than John, and John’s role is underplayed.     At the time of James , the teachings were all about the message of Jesus and Jesus called himself "Jesus Your Servant" in the first Bible.  But nowadays the teachings are all about Jesus, and Christians are taught that Jesus is God, as well as the son of God.    James is not mentioned, neither is that early church, nor is that first Bible translated or published.   In the Vatican there are pictures of every single pope back to the first pope, but no pictures of James – who really was the first pope.    James and the message of the early church have been forgotten on purpose.  Why?  Because when Paul converted to Christianity he never met Jesus but had visions of him.    He came up with a new version where Jesus became God on Earth and the story of the virgin birth (beacuse sex was seen as too impure for God) and also the idea that Jesus died for our sins.   He took this new version of Christianity to Rome and it spread across the world.   So within a hundred years of Jesus’ passing, his message had been distorted by lesser men.

B:  The virgin birth story is false.  God obeys his own laws.  Only lesser gods do miracles.  The One True God will not do one thing for one and not another.   If God gives a virgin birth to  Jesus, but no one else then you are entitlted to ask God, “if You cant follow your own laws how can we follow them?”

That’s why the old religions have become stale.   God is kind, Jesus was kind, but his followers distorted the message.     Islam has also gone astray.    Islam hates woman.    With one hand they are killing the heart of their followers by surpressing them, but with the other hand they are praising God.  They don’t understand the God they are praising lives in the hearts they are surpressing.  The God that the terrorists are blowing themselves up for, lives in the hearts they are killing.  They are killing the very thing they are searching for.

A prophet cannot be judgemental.   Jesus was not judgemental, but Christianity and Islam are very judgemental.   When a religion judges people, then it causes the problems that we can all see.  In this house (i.e. Baba Ji’s teachings) there is no judgement.  There is only meditation on Truth.  Meditate on Satnaam.  All is God.  To serve God, one must become the lowest of the low.  Only then can you transcend hate and “me and my family, me and my religion”.    That is the true spiritual person.  Not merely obeying religious rules, but actually living the Truth.   Not on a mission to convert and only giving charity as a way to convert.    That kind of charity becomes devlish.  If you are the messenger of Truth you can’t put anyone down, because you see God in all.  But you can talk about good and bad, without judging.  When children are naughty, remember that the child is not bad, only what they did was bad.   A saint once said, “Love the criminal, but not the crime.”

Guru Nanak said that that the false have beome the rulers,  “koor banee pardhan meh lalo.”   The criminals are the the rulers in this dark age.  The criminals have inherited the rule of religion on Earth.   Muslim relgious leaders are writing Fatwahs (orders to kill enemies of Islam) whilst they themselves are under the control of their own five thieves (anger, greed, attachment, lust and pride).  Most other religious leaders are no better.

The current Pope took on a new name – Benedict when he was selected.   He is using the original Pope Bendict’s name.  He is playing a game of copycat.  He doesn’t know that no two are made alike.  Only copy Truth.  Only let that be your highest standard.  Become a representative of the Brightest Light, not of a book or of an old, stale and distorted religion.    God exists in all the hearts of the entire creation.  God is in all creation.  The Light in all is God.  Realise that and there is peace, otherwise not.   

The past prophets told the Truth at their time and place.  But overtime falsehood took control, the criminals are now running the religions.   The Devil is running religion now.  The Devil is not a mythical being corrupting the world.  A person who has been consumed by their 5 thieves is known as a devil.    A person’s mind becomes devlish when it thinks about how to use religion to control people, to keep people in fear, to judge people, to use charity with the condition that people should convert.    Using the past to rob people now and control their future is the devil mind that is running religion.  But forget the past, remember Truth in this moment with no desires for the future, then you have made this moment Truthful.   The devil mind robs you of the moment in stories of past relgions and future hopes. 

Wherever ritualistc ceremonies occur  is a place of falsehood.  The congregation loses the moment by being misled by the priestclass in rituals that tie you into the past.   Spirituality is lost because the moment is lost.   In that same moment if the congregation was led to remember Satnaam – the Living Light of God right here, right now then they would feel God in their heart.

Don’t be scared of anything or anyone.  Don’t be scared of religious organisations who do not like being told that they are the devils misleading congregations by keeping them trapped in the past.  You have Satnaam on your side.   No other Name can explain the power of God.  Other names of God are the ones given by the devotees out of love.   But those names of God have become devlish overtime as the religious leaders have wrapped them up in selfishness.     

Ego eats your life.  Under ego, religious leaders have created codes of ethics, rules and regulations about what they think pleases and displeases God.   But all those codes of ethics do is cause people to lie to cover up what they are really doing.  It hardly stops them doing what they not supposed to.   Those teachings also cause other followers to think that they are right and others are wrong.   The greatest evils have been done in the name of religion by people thinking that they were doing was pleasing God.  When carrying out evil acts in the name of God, a person should ask themselves “if God is innate, then vengeance does not belong to God.   Vengeance is from my own devil mind.” 

We must become the same as God.  We do that by conquoring our five thieves and not acting on our devlish mind.  The ones who lose their ego are known as the nameless saints.  They say “I have no name, I have surrendered it all to Satnaam.”   Only those nameless saints are absorbed in nature, in God.

Only the truest teacher can tell the Truth to the congregation.  Only their truest teachings can break barriers.   In their company, only the truest name of God is meditated upon.   Then you see God in all and serve all by being the lowest of low.  That heart becomes the truest temple and achieves eternal peace.  If God cannot  deliver you peace today, then what good is heaven tomorrow?   The priest class is fooling you.  Organised religion is the biggest criminal robbing you. 

Religions overrule the moment of every person.  The priest is the one who misleads the congregation into the past.   The priest is the robber of the congregation which is childlike.  History has shown that religions have robbed others.   Which religion will confess the sins it has committed?  None of them, so who will be your guiding force now?

Life is being wasted by living in the past.  The moment is wasted by listening to stories of the past.  Only that moment is successful when the mind is conquored by the grace of Truth.  Only that is the truest story  of spirituality.

The Devil is not an evil being as preached in Christianity who is to blame for evil acts.    The real devil is the person who is acting under the influence of their five thieves.  The majority of people nowadays are acting as devils, that is why time is known as the Dark Age.  Being ignorant of the Truth they are living only in the shadow of God, they are living in illusion.  However, the Light source shines in each and every heart, but not many know to look there.    

Are you free of vices right now or not?    Conquor today, tomorrow will be better.  You will find Eternal Peace is embedded in you.  Come under the guidance of a true saint from this time and place.   He will not kill you with any kind of judgments.  He will only teach you about the Light and bless you with the Grace of God’s Name, so that you can conquor the moment and be delivered into Eternal Peace – right here, right now.