This is what counts.  No ritualistic reading is going to count, no symbolism is going to count.  Only your deeds counts.  No looks are going to count.  No colour of the skin is going to count.  No language is going to count.  No amount  of knowledge that you have acquired is going to count – there is no truthful deed in it.  The truthful deed is the only thing that counts.   Mecca is not going to count how many times you go there.  How many times you go and bathe at Goldent Temple is not going to count.  How many times you went to Hemkund or Hazoor Sahib or other pilgrimage places is not going to count.  Only thing that is going to count is : Have you died on Truth, have you lived on Truth, have you understood Truth that is within your own mind?  Have you conquored our mind in that Truth?  That is the only thing that is going to count.  The rest is not.  


Once a man at the religious place said to me that his whole family served at the religious place, they also had the Guru scriptures scriptures at home, but they went to local religious place to serve the scriptures there.  I saw him after some time.  He said “I went to India, up the mountains to Hemkund on pilgrimage.   I desired to meet the Guru.”   I asked, “Which Guru?”  He replied, “I wasnt able to reach the top and meet the Guru?”   I asked again, “Which Guru did you go to meet?”  He replied, “The one at Hemkund of course.”   I said “The Guru you have at home and at the religious place is the same one at the top of the mountain.  Why don’t you ask this Guru (scriptures)  how to meet that Guru (God) and  Guru (scriptures) will tell you "Everything is in your own house (heart) nothing is outside ..sabh kich gha r mahi bhaur ko nahee."     I said, “What Guru did you go to meet?   You go to meet the Guru, but you dont get to meet that Guru (God).  Because it a game of karma (actions) in time place and space.  What we have to give and take runs us – you went there because you had dues that’s all.  You are wandering here, there and everywhere in the misguided belief that the Guru up there is different to the Guru down here.  You are full of doubts, for you everything is our of reach.  Whilst your have doubts you have no good deeds.  Whilst praying for things under doubts, neither are you religious nor have you come home (to God inside).   Sitting in doubts you have lost to the 5 thieves.  When your doubts go then your religious life will begin.”  


He hadn’t realised how doubts (dubida) will go.   So he went to meet the Guru so far away and came back disappointed.   The Guru is sitting right here (in my heart) , right here (in your heart) – he didnt even know that.  They chase places, they chase religious places , they chase historical holy men’s communes.  But the True Guru that you have according to your destiny,  God will take you there.  And that True Guru will come to you.  With great good destiny on your forehead, meeting your True Guru is like finding a friend that you never met before in your life.  And this friend is sweeter than relation of father and son, brother and brother or even husabnd and wife, or friend and real friend.  This friend is beyond words.  This friend gives naam.  Shows you the Master.  This True Guru is the friend of all friends.  For Lehna it was Nanak, for KAbir it was Ramanand.  And that is the True Friend.  A friend in need, in Maya  we need a friend to unite us with the Lord, that is a friend in deed.  The one who unites you with the Lord is the friend in deed.  Other than that all friendship is a marketplace of give and take – karam.  Satguru sajaan miliaa .. Guru Arjun says that “I have met the True Guru Friend”.  You are blessed, we are blessed wherever we sit we make it into heaven.  When we serve each other with pure hearts that becomes the true heaven.