H: when you bless a bottle of water to make it Amrit does it charge the water or something?


B: Its not a change, its TRUTH in it – earned TRUTH not just a word.  But, by the grace of AKAL PURAKH.  You have to put your heart into it.  Your bhagti is in the heart.  A Truthful heart, an earned truthful heart works  – not otherwise. 


H: What happens when a person drinks it?
B: Amrit is for Naam (i.e. Amrit water is to enable the drinker’s body to calm down and be able to do meditation on SatNaam). And for evil to leave.  And 5 thieves to relax.  So he can have peace and understand the naam.  And grow some nectar (sweetness, kindness, love inside).  It can have cooling effect from the treachories of life while caught in Maya .  It gives him strength in faith to pursue this path.  Drink it and do naam japna (meditation) and naam will enter every part of his body and mind and heart.   Water is everywhere in the body.  Water is (the father) “pani pita” – “naam pita” (Naam is the Father) – “gur guru kirpa” (God Guru’s grace) – “bhaag” (Great good fortune given to you by God) – karam (deeds)- all that is there is changed.


Karam (i.e. what’s written for) changes in one moment.  One good word from a person can change a person’s life.  That’s why don’t say bad words about anybody at anytime ‘nindya kisaa nahee bhalaa’.


Eg One drunk is swearing and you in a religious uniform are also cursing, then habit is the same and you are both the same.  If bana (religious uniform) had strength it would stop you cursing, but doesn’t because it is built on ego (all sense of identity including religious uniform, your relgious name and your lable of religion hardens your ego, the sense of self, of “I AM” and “MY GROUP”). 


(In summary, the Guru puts his heartfelt love of Truth into the water.   The person who drinks it finds the Amrit-water calms his body which is 80% water.  Becoming calm, the person can meditate on naam.  That one kindness from the Guru to the person, can change the person’s life forever.  In that moment of calmness they tasted the love of naam, and now have something to pursue for the rest of their life.  So they can have that peace and calm and love of Truth always and forever too.)