B: Those who are anti-Gurus in the heart wear the religious uniform.  Those who are full in the heart are the True Guru and don’t need to wear the uniform.  Naked come – naked go.  Great is the one  who pisses on the religion.  I ate a banana called God and gave the skin to others to slip on and to slander me.  Even if they continue to do Satnaam meditation day and night I laugh at them.  Because after slandering their Guru, they don’t know the name of their God.


If they can solve this quiz they will be free (Sukhmani Sahib says that if you slander a saint then even God cant save you until that saint forgives you.  Hence by slandering Baba Ji, doesn’t matter how much people pray to other Gurus and to God – until the say sorry to Baba ji they are stuck – so he is their God).  If not, they are doomed for this life anyway.  We’ll meet again in my next life in 1000 years.  And we’ll play the same game again.  But I hope by then there’s no religion left on Earth that has uniform then they might be lucky one.


This I call “SAT SAT SAT” silence forever silence.