B:  The only way to teach others is by doing it to them ..eg bow to them, and they will learn to bow to others.  On this path we become very soft and sweet spoken. 


H:  At work people don’t understand why you are not a bit aggressive and step all over you. 


B: Treat your boss as your Satguru, treat work as your temple and it will become heaven.  In your mind wash your bosses and colleagues feet and think good wishes towards them.  Even at work Pritam Anand doesn’t show off, says I am here to serve you and is the lowest- does anything they request. 


Pritam Anand:  Even when I tighten a screw at work I just see SATNAAM and hear it carrying on inside.  I just sees YOU ONLY YOU (THUHEE THOO) God everywhere, and without God I have nothing and no one.  But other people repeat God’s name loudly with the tongue, then with same tongue go and slander.  It means they haven’t got God’s name in their heart.  Who can you say is good or bad when it is all God?  When you have fixed God’s feet in your heart then you will see everyones feet as Gods feet.


Sri Guru scriptures Sahib (the scriptures) Ji’s main message is to see God everywhere and be humble
you have to prostrate (do dandauth) to everyone, like a snake has to lie down to get into its home.  So if we want to go to our true home then we will have to do dandauth infront of the scriptures Ji, infront of our enemies, infront of a cat or dog.  We have to be humble in this world and in God’s court you will be the highest.