MATA JI:  Baba Ji used to be very strict about going to sleep at 9pm.  Would then get up at 2.30, go to gurdwara 3am.  He did this for 7 years (1993-2000) and used to run a restaurant during the day (stopped after about 5 years).  I used to do all kinds of selfless service (voluntary service) at religious place eg washed all dishes.


We would have carried on doing selfless service at the religious place to this day if the committee hadn’t told us to go (they were getting too popular).  From that day the religious place selfless service finished.  I didn’t understand why the committee did that.   Our loving devotional worship finished that day – Aug 2 2000.  Then we went home and our home became the religious place,  because the congregation (seekers) started coming to our home.


The turning point was that day.   We got home and a beam of light appeared on Baba ji.  The congregation started enjoying divine bliss (anand).  Then Baba ji got the gift of knowing everything and said to me ‘Ask anything.’


It was so much awesome power.  God Himself talking through Baba ji.  We were like kids with a new toy.   I was asking about my past lives and even when we were going to die.  Baba ji was like a child sitting right in ParBrahm Parmesar Ji’s lap and was giving answers before I  had even finished asking.


Baba ji found out he has a very long life and hence had no worries when they (angry religious and political mob) came to kill him last year (Jun 03) at his house. 


After that weekend the awesome power slowed down, now Baba ji can still do it but has to pause and tap into it.  But now we don’t use that gift because we have gone above that.  Baba ji already knew about his own previous lives, that started years before when he went into smadhis (deep meditation).  But I found out about myself by questioning Baba ji at that time.  Things like where my soul had come from and how many previous lives I’d had.


(In this life) I grew up (in punjab) next door to a Fakir’s temple.  Hindus came, muslims came he loved them all – a true brahmginai (God conscious being).  He used to help anyone who came with a good heart.  My father was very close to him and the Fakir used to come to our house to eat.  But the Fakir passed away when I was still a young girl.


Baba ji found out that the Fakir and my father were actually brothers in a past life that’s why they were still so close in this one.  Then I found out my own father and the Fakir were both my sons in past lives  (mata ji has been mother to 250 Gurus in past lives).


When I married Baba ji, his family was not religious at all


B:   …she came to hell!


MATA JI:   I  brought pictures of Guru Nanak ji to put up, but my mother-in-law used to put other pictures infront of it.


(Babaji starts laughing)


B:  You know who’s laughing?


H: Parbrahm Parmesar ji’


(Babaji smiles and laughs more)


B: He plays in every heart.


MATA JI:   Then I had a fight with her saying “You can hide the picture but you cant take HIM out of my heart!’ .   Baba ji was a fashionable modern New Delhi boy, so they thought they were modern and shunned backward Sikh religion.


B: I thought Canada was a backward country in social habits compared to lifestyle I was used to in India.  I had been to English medium schools and brothers were all educated.  Mother was from Delhi, but widowed at 32yrs old so it had its effect.  And MATA ji was a simple innocent village girl, she had a BA and was going for an MA, but didn’t know much about life,, she was youngest of 6.  But MATA ji is most advanced spiritually.


MATA JI:   Baba ji’s congregation was so pure that even one person had something inside (amrit) then it was infectious and everyone got intoxicated.   Other people used to come and think Baba ji must have put something into the cha (tea)!  I only used to come every two weeks to congregation on my weekends off.  I was 120 Km away. Baba ji’s congregations house was more in the hills away from the city.


B: I still have the feeling of going back to a house in the hills with a lake nearby once the kid’s education is finished.